Skyrim: Top 10 Best Wives to Marry

Every male athlete needs a wife, a wife who can be thereafter completing his wife dungeon expedition. Whether you are a wife who wants to warm your bed or want to cook at home, this list will help you decide which wife you need.

List of Skyrim Best Wives to Marry in 2020

  1. Aela the Huntress
  2. Brelyna Maryon
  3. Ria
  4. Mjoll the Lioness
  5. Muiri
  6. Njada Stonearm
  7. Jenassa
  8. Camilla Valerius
  9. Borgakh the Steel Heart

These wives were ranked according to what they offer the character in terms of gameplay. If you are going to choose a wife based on your appearance, there is no list to find the best wife to suit your taste.

1. Uthgerd the Unbroken

You have to find Uthgerd as soon as possible because you pay 100 gold for the brawl. The fight itself is simple and she seems to be intimidating, but it is easy to win.

It is 100 gold free and you can choose to marry or follow (or both). In battle, a handful of followers can fit into her powers. Offering high elasticity and damage, she excels when the player is used as a tank from a long range to DPS.

  • Uthgerd has his own home, but it’s easy to get started in Skyrim.
  • Where to find Uthgerd: white run’s bannered mare
  • Marriage requirements: bet her and beat her in a fight

2. Aela the Huntress

In addition to being the best wife, Hunterless Aela is one of the best followers in Skyrim. In the early stages of the adventure, where you can reach up to 50 levels, you can get Aela as a follower and follow the rest.

Producing excessive skills such as one-handed, sneak, light armor, archery, and speech makes her a great all-rounder. There is a reason why Aela is the most popular wife of Skyrim players!

3. Brelyna Maryon

Brelyna, who has a small room at Winter Hold University, shares a small space with the player when she gets married.

Brelyna can act not only as a wife, but also as a follower, and offers powerful attack spells in battle. It’s another good choice for the first start because she can follow the player up to level 30.

  • Where to find Brelyna: You can find her in the achievement hall of Winterhold College.
  • Marriage Requirements: Complete Brelyna’s Practice Quest

4. Ria

The only empire of fellow members, the latest members, and ranks. She has no home to call herself, so you will not inherit anything when you involve her in a holy marriage.

Ria is a warrior type follower, and you can fight and give bonuses if you sleep next to him. The problem manifests itself in the form of a widow because even if Leah does not follow you, she can crave and find a glorious death.

  • Where to find Ria: Jorrvaskr from Whiterun.
  • Marriage Requirements: Complete the companion questline.

5. Mjoll the Lioness

Lioness’ Mjoll can be a follower as well as his wife and has a high level of combat strength in combat with powerful combat skills up to 40 levels. She cannot die.

The big downside is that she will follow her to the house where you let go. Well, this is upside down if you like having more people around the place.

  • Where to find Lioness: Riften or the Bee and Barb Inn in the surrounding area
  • Marriage Requirements: Make her “like” you (third guilds agree that guild is evil). If you are at level 14 or higher, you will have a quest. Upon completing the quest, you will be able to get married.

6. Muiri

This particular Bretonian is an alchemist apprentice with a face tattoo and an overall pleasant appearance. As an alchemist, she runs her alchemy shop, where she can buy and sell potions and/or ingredients she doesn’t need.

She’s only level 6, so she doesn’t survive entering combat, and permanently dies when she falls. Marrying her gives you access to Hag’s Cure’s bedroom.

  • Where to find Muiri: Hag’s Cure shop by Markarth
  • Marriage Requirements: After signing up for Dark Brotherhood, completing one of the first three contracts will complete a quest that will never come.

7. Njada Stonearm

Another member of the colleague, almost the same as Ria, but she has more talent. In addition to combat effectiveness, Njada also demonstrates speaking, pickpocketing, and sneaking skills.

She doesn’t own the property to move in and opens the store to earn some gold, but can be trained to better block it.

  • Where to find Njada: Jorrvaskr of Whiterun
  • Marriage Requirements: Complete the companion questline

8. Jenassa

Available as a 500-goal follower, Jenassa can keep himself in his battles and offer a great wife-follower hybrid. Jenassa can be good at combat up to 40 levels and is an ideal candidate for those looking for a complete package in the early days.

  • Where to find Jenassa: white run’s drunk hunter
  • Marriage Requirements: Hire her more than once

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9. Camilla Valerius

Many of my Camillas are chasing her, but if you meet the requirements you are her only spouse. She is probably the most beautiful wife on this list.

Faendal agrees that she will continue to visit her even if she marries someone else. You will adopt the Riverwood Merchant’s room as a nice little bonus for marrying her, you can choose to go there.

  • Where to find Camilla Valerius: Riverwood Trader shop in… Riverwood
  • Marriage Requirements: Complete Golden Claw Quest

10. Borgakh the Steel Heart

I know what you are thinking. Orcs are arguably more attractive than the Argons. You will move to Larak’s Longhouse, a giant oak structure that suits you. Many merchants and technology-related resources are available at nearby locations.

In general, you need to marry her to get the most out of such a facility. Borgakh also acts as a powerful follower, wielding powerful weapons and heavy armor.

  • Where to find Borgakh the Steel Heart: Mor Khazgur
  • Marriage requirements: Follow the followers. Wearing Mara’s Amulet will mention marriage.

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