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Sky: Children of the Light is TGC’s new mobile RPG. Let’s take a look at our Sky: Children of the Light guide, tips, cheats and strategies.

Sky: Children of the Light is a beautiful mobile game from TGC, where you can explore over 7 beautiful locations, make friends, customize your character, discover tons of emojis, and more to do. Above all, the music and graphics are lovely. If you have just started Sky on mobile, Sky: Children of the Light Guide – It will be very helpful if you cover all the basics of the game. Let’s dive in.

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Sky: Children of the Light Guide

Sky: Children of Light
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What to do after the tutorial

In the tutorial, you will learn how to fly, how to fly, how to move your character, and more. You will have to figure it out manually after completing the tutorial. Unlike other RPGs, Sky: Children of the Light doesn’t feature brutal combat, enemies, etc. All you have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy music, interact with your surroundings and discover hidden things like: Souls, stars, wings and more. First, let’s learn about the menu and get used to the navigation.

home space

If you feel lost or stuck somewhere, teleporting to your home space is a good option. From this realm you can move to all other realms and access other features of the game such as friends, souls, costumes and more. This is the home screen. To teleport to this area, tap the gear button in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you don’t have a button, just tap the top-right corner of the screen and you’ll see all the menu buttons.

Press the gear button -> Home.

The game will send you directly over the constellation table. Use the Pattern tab -> Navigation <> keys to toggle between the Soul and Friends menu.

Sky: Children of Light
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You can find the All Friends and Invite option in the Friends menu. Tap on your friend’s name -> on the right you will see your friend’s visual with several options. These options include Remove Friends, Mark as Favorites, Send/Receive Hearts (use 3 seconds to gift a Heart), and Rename.

Sky: Children of Light – Portal of Homespace

Sky: Children of Light
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You can see the portal in front of the constellation table. This portal allows you to navigate to other regions. You can explore more in the game or discover all areas (also known as game levels) as you spend time.

  • Isles of Dawn – This is the first level in the game Sky: Children of the Light. At this level, the game will teach you controls, navigation, and more.
  • Daylight Prairie – Cloudy Area
  • Hidden Forest – A gloomy forest where rain consumes energy – you can find dark matter here
  • Valley of Victory – Snowy Area
  • Golden Wasteland – Wasteland Area
  • Vault of Knowledge – Library
  • Eye of Eden – When this level is found, all portals disappear.
  • Rise – open sky
  • light – final position

What can you do in all these areas?

Well, if you are looking for practice, we recommend you check out this youtube channel(The link will open in a new tab). Alternatively, the channel names are Sky: Children of the Light and Journey Videos. Here you can find interesting videos and almost all walkthroughs.

If you are not interested in the video, take a look at these tips. –

Making Candles in the Sky: Children of Light.

Sky: Children of LightSky has 4 in-game currencies: Children’s Light Game – Candles, Hearts, Ascension Candles, and Season Candles. Let’s learn how to make basic candles. Requires these candles to upgrade facial expressions, receive spirit blessings, and gift hearts (requires 3 candles to gift hearts). So growing candles is the first thing you can do. Now how to forge these candles?

  • In this heavenly world you can find numerous red candles. Light that candle and you can get some light (do it occasionally). In the upper left corner of the screen, you can see the total number of candles you have. If there are no candles at all, you will see a transparent candle that gradually fills as it collects light from the candle (exploration). Once you’ve collected enough light, you’ll see a red dot icon in the upper left corner. Tap to forge a candle.

In a nutshell, light a candle -> gather light -> tap the candle icon in the upper left corner when you have enough.

find and save the soul

Sky: Children of LightYou can unlock new outfits, upgrade your expressions, and receive blessings/spells from these spirits. Of course, all of this takes heart and candles. But without a soul it is impossible. Find the location – Check all the accessible corners to find the blue soul. Call found soul from home space -> go to home space -> constellation table -> pattern tab -> expression tab -> soul will appear -> unlock and upgrade corresponding nodes for costume, spell and expression level can. .

Unlock the door of the soul

The more souls you save, the more the Soul Gate will unlock and you’ll gain access to new lands.


You can see all the facial expressions/emotes and spells you have by tapping the wingmeter -> right in the top center of the screen. By saving souls, you can learn new expressions. Bring candles and hearts for a special gift.

Gather Winged Lights – Stars in the Sky: Children of Light Game

Stars in the Sky: Children of LightWinged lights, also known as stars, can be found in all of the locations mentioned above. These winged lights, or stars, are scattered throughout the valley and you have to search every nook and cranny to find them. What is that? You can see the wing meter (cape meter) in the top center of the screen. The height of the wing determines how much wing energy it can store. This energy is used to fly, float, and flap higher in the sky. If you run out of energy, you will see red wings.

Raising the wingspan allows more energy to be stored, extending the cloak to fly high in the sky.

Some creatures can steal wing light. In this case, return to this location again and collect again. Also on the Ey of Eden level you can submit a winged light for an elevated light.

  • Tip – Check out the YouTube channel mentioned above for the location of every star on every land.

Add friends for the mind and team up in the sky: Children of Light

How to get hearts in Sky: Children of the LightHow to win a heart? First you need to add friends. After that, your friend can sacrifice 3 candles to send hearts. To invite a friend, click the gear button at the top right -> Invite -> Share and scan the QR code.

Or move closer to player in game -> tap -> offer candle to befriend.

View Friends –

Already explained above – go to home space -> tab pattern in constellation table -> use navigation keys to go to friend menu -> tab friend name -> all options will appear on the right. – Send hearts, teleport to friends, etc.

Team up or join hands –

Move closer to the player -> tap the candle icon -> tap the player -> tap the emoji – tap on the emoji for holding a hand such as high five, hold hands, play hide and seek -> wait for the player to confirm -> tap the player to get out of the hold -> Tap the Grab Hand emote again.

That’s all for the Sky: Children of the Light beginner’s guide. For more game information, see: –

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