SiriusXM launches new "essential" streaming plan for only $8

SiriusXM now offers a $ 8 per month music transmission plan called SiriusXM Essential, a package of more than 300 channels that includes music, radio, comedy, sports and other content. This new cheap option does not include the two Howard Stern channels (it has to pass to Premium for those) and is strictly for online transmission, so it can not be used with your car's satellite radio if you have one. But otherwise, the company says it can expect a ton of variety to listen to music without commercials.

The Essential plan has many radio channels of a decade, gender and specific to each artist: you can see the full list here. Paying for online radio can seem quite strange to the millions of people who use the free and sponsored levels of Spotify or Pandora ads. With $ 8, you're getting close to the cost of Spotify Premium, which lets you play any song on demand. (SiriusXM at least allows you to skip songs on your "Xtra" channels online). It will be a bit more familiar to everyone who subscribed to SiriusXM before, perhaps after buying a new car.

But remember that SiriusXM now owns Pandora, with the combined company that has more than 100 million subscribers, so if you're using one instead of the other, there's no big losses. SiriusXM plans to integrate the two services during the next year so that they are more deeply intertwined.

There are still cheaper ways to listen to SiriusXM than the Essential plan: the company will grant you a six-month "Select" subscription for $ 5 per month. Outside of that promotion, the selection level is usually $ 15.99. But the great disadvantage is that it is only good to listen in the car and lacks any transmission component. The Essential plan is basically the opposite.

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