Siri thinks Donald Trump is a penis

I am not even an American, but I have a turkey dinner. Apple's Siri digital assistant thinks President Donald Trump is a penis. If you use iPhone to ask Siri the age of Donald Trump, you will greet him with a picture of a penis instead of a presidential picture. At the time of writing, the penis picture keeps coming and going. Perhaps edit the Wikipedia page associated with Donald Trump or play an algorithm that Siri uses as an image source.

Either way, it's a weird bug that made a lot of bad answers in the past. The most memorable Siri failed before Apple quickly corrected the results after the Bulgarian nation misjudged Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee as "Despacito". There is a whole sub-redit that covers everyday examples of Siri acting like crazy, but today's failure is especially surprising because it is Thanksgiving in the United States. Today it is not a good day to ask Shirley about Donald Trump in front of a family dinner table.

siri thinks donald trump is a penis

In direct dialogue with The Bellge Wikipedia's editors have indeed found that the act is vandalism, and it comes from more than one editor. "Now they are blocked indefinitely," the editor tells us. You can also see the Post-War Editing War in Trump's Wikipedia edited history.

11/22, 6:05 PM ET: Added a comment to the Wikipedia editorial board confirming the damage of the vandalism and blocking the malicious editor.

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