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There is a sense of simplicity about the way of life in the Sims 4 careers, which is comforting or a little confused depending on your mood. This Sims, series is soft and non-political in the way that Barbie House is non-political. That means politically not political at all.

The Sims 4

The Sims have assumptions about how people function and how they measure the success of their lives. But it’s annoying to point to them because they have lots of fun. Sims starts at a world where scams are always afraid and all are 25 years old until they are 60 years old. Regardless of environmental aesthetics, the series was always functional and fundamentally California. Which way.

The Sims 4 gameplay

Ownership of your beautiful home is a perfectly good fantasy to make a game, and I’m sure you’re in a position to pick out too much, considering that the last two games I reviewed were about slaughtering the goblins and evacuating the Nazis. can not do it. Its a hole. Nonetheless, I wanted to see the past experience in The Sims 4 cc deepened and complicated by new art and smarter characters.

The verdict for the calculation is partly a success. The Sims 4 goat inherits much of its predecessor’s ideas, goals and structure. It is a sequel in a peculiar way in this series. The new start to cut or remove a huge number of features from the game and its extensions resumes. In doing so, Maxis restructured the game to support new graphic styles, improved animation and emotional systems that change the feel and flow of the game.

Regardless of environmental aesthetics, the series was always functional and fundamentally California. After sinking 30 hours comfortably in the game, I can not imagine that there are not many new features. Multitasking is one. In previous The Sims 4 best mods games. Characters performed tasks assigned to themselves as part of a queue, depending on what they set up or needed. Now, as many physical jobs as possible can be processed at once.

For example, listening to music can benefit Sim from anywhere within the range. Because everything they The Sims 4 needs cheat is an ear. Simulations that cook meals while they are available can tell your partner. You can write a novel, discuss a video game, sit in the bathroom and have a cup of coffee.

It’s completely natural and the Sim alone will handle multiple tasks at once. The days of manipulating Sim in a strict dialogue to watch an isolated TV have gone by and become a good trick.

Game features

This new flexibility is matched in motion and animation systems that are much less generous than in previous games and much less dependent on the game’s underlying grid, which determines the movement patterns. The awkwardness is still an important factor, and although the referee is sometimes aggravated by the willingness of the game to solve the pass problem faster. He has experienced far fewer problems than he experienced in the Sims 4 vampires space negotiation.

The Sims 3 character ou can do that with much more flexibility and disengagement, and do so in many standing or sitting character layouts. However, there is no defect. Sometimes Sims will decide they can not go where they want. Sometimes they decide they can not go to the next door toilets, so they will go to the restroom in the park three blocks away.

Sometimes two The Sims 4 nails are displayed on the date and placed at the opposite end of the bar, and six people talk about each other as they walk down the street. Some of these oddities are new, some of them very old. I know that it is easier to forgive than the latter.

If you are experiencing problems with new technology, you can file a complaint under “good intent.” If the default route problem still occurs after 14 years, it is more difficult to ignore.

The Sims 4 tips

These details are very important because negotiations are the most time you spend. The Sims 4 challenges, it is about the degree of wish fulfillment, and while being asked to get the success of money, social status and career to accomplish the desire to get precious time rather than making a real effort. All Sims have lifelong ambitions and are chosen when creating characters that can be swapped out at any time, as in The Sims 3.

This criterion is more complicated this time, but can actually do more. Do 20 jokes, write 5 books, own a voodoo doll, and so on. Completing the ambition will give you various awards and special abilities. Career is similar, but the promotion path is longer, and compensation is usually provided in the form of new merchandise for your home.

In addition to a few text boxes where you can choose your own adventure style, there is no interaction with what Sims game does during the working day. Instead, you want to work with a good opportunity to get promotions and try to meet certain criteria in their tutoring time.

It’s cheerful and absorbent, but it’s also straightforward to the extent that attempts to ‘gamble’ the system feel like an act of misunderstanding. Obviously this series has been getting easier over time. While The Sims 4 hairstyles are so good.

This is despite the added complexity promised by the new emotional system. Sims game now has a drive that comes in an emotional state rather than simply controlled by biological demands, and opens up new behavior in the environment.

It’s a powerful addition to add color to the game, but it’s easy to bring an ideal emotional state to achieve that goal from a purely mechanical point of view, but it may be another criterion to be done before packaging. To run to work. Where emotions make their promises clearer in the everyday interaction of the Sims.


Game designers give them a chance to express some personality. I am enthusiastic and fun to think about the nature of a developer who has decided that a confident Sim (Sim) should be able to ‘pee like a champion’, or an angry Sim (Sim) should open up the power to ‘eat angry shit.’ It’s just a bathroom. There are other things. The emotional system is best when you manipulate the Sim directly and discover new interactions through your emotions.

As a part of the game’s overall simulation, the success rate drops. Uninsured Sims game will vaguely exist in orange juice and cereal, watch TV, search the Internet until the bill is unpaid, utilities are blocked one by one, and they are stupid. Unhappy alone.

It was always true to some extent in the series, but it’s a shame that The Sims 4 on steam does not have the option to turn off the brakes and simply run the simulations to deepen the character’s inner life. Emotions and traits sometimes create interesting situations.

In The Sims 4 woohoo i saw her mother explain her woohoo to her teenage son. The child is embarrassed and runs away to hide under the cover of the futon. For example, two Sims, who missed a birthday party, fled to cry and cry.

I saw a small Sim version of PC Gamer editor Samuel Roberts shouting and angering the kids in the park. These small moments of character are fine, but they are background details, not a sustained part of the narrative that is going on due to long-term exposure.

Sim, who did not control directly within 30 hours, could not make a bold decision because of his emotions, ambitions or characteristics. This choice is left to the player even if the user has selected full automation. There is little point in that respect. But I liked the option to let the Sims go to the world and watch what they did.

If you want to change the lives of your neighbors over time, you will need to fine-tune yourself. They will feel like their Sims at exactly the same time. Otherwise, family composition will be maintained as much as you set. All this new interest is paid to the person whose Sims are below the surface, it is a missed opportunity.

Emotion systems add depth to existing play methods, but ultimately do not provide space for new emotional systems. Several longtime participants have expressed concern about the way the Sims 4 game promotional article focuses on the strange elements of the game world, including the universe and human eating plants.

That all exists but it is included in the game depending on the choice of ambition, career and interior design. The enigma of severe death still appears when the soul is dead, and from birth to death, their lives are moved by folly, but generally speaking, you can freely set the tone of your story.


Neighbors have been rebuilt in a controversial way with fans of The Sims 3 and those who fear the series will suffer the same tragic downsizing as Sim City, the cousin. There are two “worlds” that can live in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs, each consisting of a small number of small areas with four or five building plots, respectively. You can only load one inside at a time, and the screen can be loaded (blessed short) when you move between locations.

The Sims 3 cars and bikes are gone. At first, the game actually came to feel like a slum, an isolated promenade, a wealthy neighborhood, a commercial district, and a park. After spending more time in the game, I’m sure this is not fair enough.

Artificial Intelligence Control Sims fill a large number of areas, and though the abstract awareness screen does not have the same sense of life as the open world of The Sims 3, individual realms feel more active than before. You can also customize these small words by changing the plot to support different types of buildings with a few operations.

You can build a house as well as your own cafe and museum, and encourage the degree of obsession individual attachment many fans will find.

It seems to be easier to expand in the future. If the number of faces shared online is excessive, character generation itself qualifies for the game. If there are disadvantages to these new places, they are not themselves, but especially interesting.

During the development of the game, a moonlight bar and a conceptual work of art housed on the river in Bayou, Louisiana, via Paris, were exhibited. It was an exciting image because The Sims were so different from what we did before. It sadly suggested that this game does not quite match the intimacy and depth of detail.

The strip of the building is actually in the final game. Turn the camera on a specific plot of Willow Creek and you will see across the river. But it’s just a static mesh on the street. Of course, it is before the player himself.

The Sims 4 game build tools are the best in this series. Because you can adjust the height of the walls, it is much easier to resize the room and you can improve the path to make non-sophisticated layouts more practical.

New Update

I spent an hour building a modernist house based on images I collected from the internet. The experience was much more satisfying. And the end result was much closer than I thought. The Sims 3 I expect to be amazed at what people with real talents can do. The same is true for character production.

You can adjust the character’s function and body type by pulling the character’s function and body type with the mouse pointer, and there are various kinds of clothing options and styles. Everyone has the main weakness of the same height, and you can make computer simulacra of yourself, your friends and celebrities with amazing accuracy.

If the number of famous faces shared online can pass, character generation itself qualifies for the game. At first, I was skeptical about the role of cloud sharing in The Sims because of the cynicism about EA, everything’s online policy.

In this case it works great. The Sims 4 Gallery is a central repository for your own design for Sims, rooms and buildings connected to the network to upload your work and download from others. If you want to send Barack Obama to a nearby area, you can find what you can use within a few seconds by searching his name at the Gallery.

The player is already sharing the imaginary house and I think that the other player’s interpretation of Taylor Swift can fill all the The Sims 4 building.

But cynicism is sadly warranted by the asking price: the game is £ 50 / $ 60 expense on the source EA, knows that it is not necessary to follow the trend of PC games. Because the The Sims 4 mc command center are always cheap, cheaper, but not excuses, because they will always be sold.

Without the microtransaction store, the asking price does not feel intense, but EA still does not seem to be able to sell the product in a way that does not feel a little exploitation. If you are interested in the game, it will be expensive compared to the fact that you have retraced your previous experience.

And you will pay for expansion in the future. But after a week, I am confident of calling this game the best Sims base game ever. Maxis has benefited from everything we’ve got since making The Sims 3, and it provides a solid foundation for The Sims 4 building the future of the series.

It’s a game you know, but a little better. It is not available in other games. I feel comfortable with the familiar feeling. We appreciate the fact that Sims presented his perspective to write this review. Your comments have been very helpful.

Download Sims 4 Game for PC

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