Should game developers be worried about Google Play Pass?

The Google Play Pass Subscription cash is normally divided, and a part of that goes where it should, of course for developers. However, online reports emerge stating that developers are alarming about their share of the cake. However, it seems to be more than that, as independent developers and analysts have spoken publicly and have given their opinion on the state of the industry itself, as well as how well they are earning their livelihood.

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"Indie Game developers are not independent musicians. We don't tour." – Will O’Neil, independent game developer

It is a known fact and a worldwide trend to monetize your game, especially in the last 5 years. A game may cost money initially or not, but almost all developers and large publishers have begun distributing their own customers and store services over the past half decade. And, their games feature constantly growing unlocks, or rather, exclusive content for those who are willing to pay real money to get it. Well, that's very good in the commercial aspect of things, but there seems to be a greater danger than that for our pockets.

The respectable people in the business have given us their perspective on things from the inside, and it looks terrible. Its main point is that the constantly exclusive content and monetization methodology used by games today means that games that focus on creating reproducible content have a much greater advantage immediately than those destined for a unique and shorter experience, Regardless of quality. As Rami Ismail, co-founder of Vlambeer, said: "If commitment becomes money, then milling, addictive loops and infinite play become the best way to make money."

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Such is the problem with every branch of the arts or entertainment. At some point, everyone has reflected on the old question of whether or not to make all content commercially more attractive. However, while other branches of entertainment, such as the arts, work differently and people can create simply for the joy of doing so, in the gaming industry it does not work that way. Creating a video game requires time, money and heavy resources, as well as your joy of doing it while doing it. Game developers inevitably need to gravitate to commercially successful content, there are no two words about it.

“I mean, this is sincerely a terrifying continuation of the model that has turned games into roguelike and multiplayer games. If developers are paid for the commitment, the only model that makes sense is to maximize the time people spend in the game or the number of times people have to review the game, artificially if necessary. It's annoying. "


This model of royalty has been criticized in the past by musicians and other artists as well, with Spotify as one of the examples. In Spotify, an artist wins with the pay-per-view model and gets his share of each transmission, so naturally an artist would feel inclined to create light, easy, repeatable and catchy content instead of something heavy, dramatic and perhaps tell a story about something more realistic, just sun and rainbow, and a full bank account , that is the deal in the last decades in entertainment.

Mike Rose, an accomplished videogame editor, also shared his opinion on the subject and said: This was going to happen because even then, several platforms They had already approached me and told me that they would pay for how many hours their game was played, compared to any other game on their platform. Give it a couple more years, and we will drown in these services and force á the developers to create games taking into account "how do I make money?". Short narrative games will be forced, we will drown in a sea of ​​Fortnites and pachinko machines. ”


Now, multiple developers and publishing companies are joining forces to express their concerns through Twitter, Reddit and other media platforms, while companies such as Google, Apple, Twitch and the like must still give their comments on any of the issues or questions

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