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Shining Nikki is a new anime dress-up RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that offers the best graphics and animations for any game in this genre or for mobile devices in general. You can put on hundreds of outfits and engage in battles with rivals complete with special moves you need to execute at the right time, all kinds of diamonds, currencies and bonuses you can earn as you progress.

Redemption codes can be entered at any time to claim free rewards. Redemption codes can only be used once, but you can use as many other individual codes as you like. Redemption codes are typically offered for promotional purposes or loyalty rewards and can be redeemed for free items and gifts.

Read the list of redemption codes, how to find them, and how to use them in Shining Nikki!

To go to the redemption screen, you must at least complete the tutorial before you can tap anywhere. When done, tap on the settings menu that looks like a small cog or gear.

At the bottom there is a button that says “Use Code”. When you press the button, a text box will pop up asking you to use the code. Enter the code and hit the confirm button to get your free reward if it works.

Arguably the best place to start looking for code is Facebook, as there is an official page for the game run by the developer. Subscribe to the page so I can get instant access to all new code and find code already shared via post feed. You can also join the Facebook group for the game to discuss and share code with other players.

Other social media networks are also great sources. Especially networks like Instagram or TikTok because of the nature and audience of this game. Players are constantly posting costumes and other items related to this game, so there’s a good chance you’ll find code there.

Check out the Subreddit for the game. This is a great source because it’s the first place players go when they want to share code. You can increase your chances of finding working code by using the search function or by sorting from newest to oldest. If you have code to share, please do so here.

Twitch and YouTube are great places to find code, as streamers tend to have access to proprietary code that isn’t shared anywhere else. Use their access to find as many codes as possible for as many gifts and prizes as possible.

Discord is another great source of code. Because you can get it immediately as soon as it appears in chat. You can also use the search function to narrow down to only those messages that have codes in them. As always, please share any code not posted here.

Here’s the code shared with Shining Nikki so far:


Nikki Show

We’ll be sharing more code as we find it, so stay tuned for this article! If you have code not shown here and want to add it, please share in the comments!

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