Sen. Ron Wyden proposes bill that could jail executives who mishandle consumer data

You. Ron Wyden (D-OR) today announced a draft law that provides more stringent guidelines for misuse of consumer data. Among other legislation, the measure suggests creating a 10 to 20 year jail term for senior executives who do not follow the new rules on data use.

The technology industry has faced tremendous scrutiny in the past two years because companies such as Facebook and Google have been involved in scandals, including the use of Facebook data by Cambridge analysts. Congressmen have proposed new standards for data use, but until now no major federal legislation has been passed. Still Wyden suggested in an interview with The Verge that the bill will be published this year.

Wyden's Consumer Data Protection Act draft provides the FTC with many more rights and resources to add a total of 175 new employees to recommend data use to police. According to the proposal, the FTC will be able to earn up to 4% on the first offense.

This measure creates a centralized Do Not Track list that prevents consumers from sharing data with third parties or using the company for targeted advertising. The bill would instead allow the company to deny tracking and block users who offer a paid version instead of a service. Consumers can also request that information be reviewed and challenged.

Companies that earn more than $ 1 billion and provide information to more than one million people, or small companies dealing with information on more than 50 million people, should file a report with the FTC. Your privacy is falling. If you fail to comply with this measure, you can go to jail.

Technology industry executives, including Mark Zuckerberg, have suggested that regulation is open, but they are likely to object to the proposal. Until now, some states have solved this problem manually. Earlier this year, California passed one of the toughest data privacy laws in the US despite opposition from the industry.

In a statement, Wyden said in a statement, "The time has come to see the sun in this shadowy information-sharing network." My legislation provides consumers with fundamental transparency, new tools to control information, Backing up rough rules with real teeth to punish companies that abuse information. "

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