Sekiro’s difficulty debate results in incredible ‘you cheated not only the game’ meme

You may have seen the great debate surrounding from FromSoftware Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is leaked online in recent weeks. Maybe you have even participated in some "git guds". But no chapter of the ongoing controversy over whether the videogame requires an easy way (or if your relationship with him really says anything significant about you as a human being) has been as satisfying as "you cheated not only the game, but yourself "meme.

The already infamous copypasta was told with apparently serious seriousness on the part of a Twitter user at the end of last week in response to an article by PC Gamer by journalist James Davenport that details how he used a Mod to trick his way through the pungent final boss of the game. Apparently, according to the enthusiast Sekiro fan who spoke on behalf of his fellow hardcore players, titles like this one are designed to be played only one way, and to deviate from that or to look for value in anything else beyond the the strict sense of achievement through repeated failures is to disrespect the artistic ambition of the developer and steal the only form of victory that these games can provide. At least, that's the generous reading. The not so generous is that players like this can only enjoy this type of game with the knowledge that most other people can not.

Davenport's article, which caused so much harassment that it left Twitter , was primarily intended as a first person response to the debate on the easy way around Sekiro what it is designed for, and the range of experiences and value it can draw from games like this. That conversation started immediately after the launch of the game in late March and led to some fascinating discussion genuinely about accessibility and what interactive art can evoke in people when it is specifically designed to challenging them and pushing them beyond their limits

It also resulted in truly condescending and unpleasant behavior, such as the comment that "not only did you cheat not only the game," by a subset of players who think the game and its difficulty They are there just to make you feel superior. This last situation has prompted many of the important discussions behind closed doors, which is really unfortunate.

Fortunately, when the Internet saw the tweet melodramatic quote, it responded in the only appropriate way: by meme. -It is in oblivion. Here are some of the best versions of the copypasta, with some truly creative versions that will take you back to the past if, like basically all videogame fans, you once trusted a gimmick or an exploit in a game.

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