SEGA Pocket Club Manager Game Review & Guide

SEGA Pocket Club Manager game by SEGA, SEGA is a game company that does not need to be introduced. Older ones. They are well behind the company Sonic the Hedgehog and other icons. Characters (and games based on the characters), but they also, pocket for users who enjoy sports management games including mobile devices.

SEGA Pocket Club Manager Game Review

SEGA Pocket Club Manager is a “casual soccer RPG” that combines elements of soccer management and role-playing games, and is expected to not have real teams and players, but players from 2,000 European leagues and Japanese real players. There are many team tactics and organizations to choose from, and they are all important when trying to find the way to the top in the lower leagues! Yes, this is a game that advertises itself with an ordinary title, but does not mean a complete walk in the park.

There are a few features that can take time to understand the game, and you may have trouble handling all the information you need to process during the first start. The SEGA Pocket Club Manager strategy guide helps you deliver everything you need to learn for the first time, so do not be afraid.

Game basic

SEGA Pocket Club Manager game is not exceptional with regard to football management games, but I want to control everyone in the team and try to get them into the best leagues and win everyone. Possible level. Of course, this game has the weight of a twist, like the fact that the team you have to manage has split after an impressive victory (on the tutorial stage) and your job starts again on one of the squares. Work from below. If you are a player who prefers soccer management games that focus primarily on soccer games

You do not need to control your players. Just select the lineup, configuration and instructions (if any) before you begin. match. Of course, there are some things you can adjust, but the line-up and configuration you need to pay attention to. You can also find a new player, sign up for a scout, and build a lineup. (Actually what you have to do is because you have to. Remember – you start with a scrub lineup!)

While traveling from the bottom to the bottom of the lowest league, you will be given new instructions or instructions to the minister. SEGA Pocket Club Manager game you can conveniently summarize features when you first introduce them. It is a good idea to pay close attention to these messages from the Secretary General. She knows that in this game it will last quite a while compared to other virtual assistants, but she knows. She can tell you what she’s talking about, and the team can help your team speed!

Mission accomplished

This game is described NCAA Football 12 Game, game combined with RPG, and we can not exactly agree with the rating. One common feature that this game shares with the people of the RPG genre is that many of the quests or missions that are called here for completion are divided into different categories. All of this helps guide the right path (as secretaries do through frequent updates and ongoing advice). As mentioned above, there are various types of duties. Major missions.

These are key tasks that define your progress in the game, The types of rewards you can get include cash, GB (premium currency used for recovery. AP, or game energy unit), and reconnaissance cards. Interestingly, this includes logging in for seven consecutive days, which is our clue to remind you to log into SEGA Pocket Club Manager game as much as possible, even if it takes less than a minute per minute. Your 7-day login reward is a 5-Star Guaranteed Scouting Ticket. This is a sure way to become a 5-star player and improve team control!

Daily missions are reset once a day and are reimbursed in cash (aka Club Fund) and GB. All requirements must be met during the day. For example, He scored 10 goals in the league, 10 league games, and 5 league games. Game play during the day and so on. Achievements are long-term missions that you can win. Club funding, various rewards including GB as well as energy drinks (for AP restoration)

Training Abroad EXP Tickets (to increase player experience and level up) Faster), and more. These missions include promoting players, running three clubs. Season, injured player Daewoo. Finally, you have your event duties. It is currently grayed out during writing, but it is related to events of limited duration. Eventually you will be able to compete.

Scout players in SEGA Pocket Club Manager Game

When you talk about scouting new players and adding them to your team, you can do this by tapping the HR tab and choosing between two scouting options – Scout and Premium Scout. The Basic Scout option allows you to recruit new players through regular scouts, but you should not expect much more than a typical 1 or 2 star player during the first start.

However, the quality of the players that can be recruited through this option will be improved because the league will go up to the league and win more matches, so do not expect too much basic scouting and do not rely too much. The most notable is the Premium Scout option. While completing. In missions and championship bouts, you have a share of scouting tickets.

This ticket used by the Premium Scout allows you to enhance your list with a 3-star rating. More than a player. This feature also allows you to purchase premium players via GB. The game tells you that you have a chance to get a duplicate player. In this case, the duplicate player is “converted into a coin” and neither has anything to lose when you use this option to improve your roster.

Team edit menu what you need to know first

The Edit Team menu in SEGA Pocket Club Manager game will be zero. Lineup management. This will allow you to see information about all of your current players. Write on your roster and choose who you want to include in your start 11. to make. To find content that’s easier to do, press the selector button at the bottom. Move to the left to choose whether to prioritize the player’s abilities or to prioritize “configuration combinations”. We will talk more later in the guide. But in order to keep things simple, this means the buffs or buffs your team members receive if you meet certain conditions.

You can select an administrator from the team editing screen. Priority is recommended because different managers have different priority strategies. Other requirements for Formation Combos. Administrators can hire through the HR menu. Unlike real life soccer, you can have several people on your team. Tap on the strategy button to change tactical settings, formation.

Settings, roles, location, game plan settings, and administrator settings. Without greatness. To be more specific, it is recommended that you use the first game you played the first time you play (take the top team in the final game before starting the first promotion). .

Set up the situation before the game starts

As mentioned in the first tip of this guide, SEGA Pocket Club Manager game is about management, so you do not have to manually control the player like other games like New Star Manager and Dream League Soccer. Here you can change the tactics or give instructions to the team, depending on the opponent’s choice. Do you want or want more aggressive or more defensive games?

They are just a few guidelines you can give, and each instruction gives your team lovers and / or de-buffs you need to evaluate; You can use this feature to see how specific instructions affect your team, especially in high season games. In addition to editing the lineup before the game, you can also see the opponent’s lineup. You have a better idea of your future. It is advisable to do your own scouting before each game. So do not hurry and end the game and finally regret it! Anger-termination, which can be done in other PvE football management titles, is not an option.

Once you start the game, the game is decided, so you have no choice but to see what happened. In the newly simulated SEGA Pocket Club Manager game at the end of the game, you will be rewarded whether you win or lose. Rewards can include training materials and will be discussed in the following tips. And if, You are doing home matches and earning income based on the number of fans. I showed up in the game. I do not earn any income as I often remind myself in games. Through your away game!

Do not forget to train your players

Scout players, even 3-star rare people are not the only way to improve the team. Obviously there is an option to better create an existing player, which you can do by training. Go to Edit Team, tap one of the players, then select the train option. Once there you can see basic information (unfortunately where “casual” football management comes). You can learn Playstyle information and train abroad. You do not have to worry about the latter option yet. The Playstyle section you should be aware of when training your players.

When you win more matches in the game, you will get the training materials you can apply for. If the player is playing through the Play Style menu and there is enough material to perform, a blue exclamation mark will be displayed next to it. Save resources for experienced players who are not star star or two-star scrubs! Of course, make sure you have as much free time as possible, or as many matches as the AP can accept. As I mentioned one tip, you usually get new training materials whether you win or lose.

Pay attention to your city in SEGA Pocket Club Manager Game

Of course, football / soccer management is more important than simply creating a roster, selecting a formation, and managing a player. Most games require you to upgrade your stadium, create or upgrade other facilities, manage ticket prices, and SEGA Pocket Club Manager is no exception. Once you start your first full season, you will be able to use town functions, and once unlocked, you can upgrade your stadium and upgrade your clubhouse, as well as add new facilities to both buildings.

It is important to improve your previous building to help increase your revenue, and improving the latter will help your player grow, so it’s important to ignore the town buttons and visit them regularly to upgrade.

Choosing sponsors

Before starting the regular season, you should choose a company to sponsor. This allows you to receive a bonus at the end of the season, but is actually a major caveat. You need to see more than potential rewards in relation to sponsor selection! For example, the greatest possible reward is only to receive a prize if you are ranked third in the league. Medium or minimum rewards have reasonably good expectations.

You do not want to waste potential rewards by choosing too steep sponsors that you expect! SEGA Pocket Club Manager game that’s why it’s important to consider your sponsors’ expectations and realities. It does not mean you can not get better terms and you can get money and other rewards.

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