Seems like many parties don't want you reselling your Steam games (update)

seems like many parties dont want you reselling your steam games update

What you need to know

  • A few days ago, a French court ruled that Valve had to allow players to resell their digital purchases on Steam.
  • This is similar to what Microsoft proposed with an Xbox always online One in 2013.
  • There seems to be a campaign against France in the works criticizing the ruling.
  • No one is discussing its implications in favor of the consumer at this time.

Updated on September 20, 2019: When asked if Valve or another sponsor with a personal interest was directly involved in the elaboration of this message, an ISFE spokesman said: "We want to encourage the future development of the game so that players have access to games in the future. This decision, in the long term, would decrease the availability of new games if perfect digital copies can be made easily and infinitely and if developers are not encouraged to invest in content new ".

On September 17, a French court said Valve needed to let its consumers resell their digital games in the country. This concept was initially proposed by Microsoft when the Xbox One was revealed in 2013, but interestingly, it faced a strong reaction from traditional players and retailers.

Following this decision, it seems that the parties have vested interests. They are sending many emails against France to the media. While we have received a handful, the most prominent must be from an organization called ISFE. ISFE states that it represents the European video game industry and that "players are the core" of what it does. Surprisingly, email does not recognize how it is a movement in favor of the consumer. You can read a summary version below.

A French court ruling … in a case brought by the French consumer group UFC-Que Choisir against Valve found that video game buyers on Valve's digital platform, Steam, can resell them. This ruling contradicts the established law of the European Union (EU) and must be revoked on appeal. Simon Little … of ISFE said: & # 39; This French ruling opposes the established EU law that recognizes the need to protect digital downloads from the ease of reproduction allowed by the Internet. Far from supporting the players, this decision, if so, would dramatically and negatively impact the investment in the creation, production and publication of not only video games, but of all the production of the digital entertainment sector in Europe. If the creators of Europe cannot protect their investments and their intellectual property, the impact on both industry and consumers will be disastrous. ” In accordance with the EU copyright law, when it comes to digital and streaming services, each use must be subject to the authorization of the rights holder and the copyright does not expire with its first sale, as it happens with physical goods … This is not the case with digital downloads that are subject to the & # 39; communication under public law & # 39 ;, which means that the buyer has no right to sell them … without the permission of the copyright owner.

This seems like a very limited interpretation of the law, especially when the statement acknowledges that you simply need "the permission of the copyright owner" to resell the digital game. To operate in France, developers and publishers may need to give permission. It remains to be seen how this develops in the inevitable appeal.

We contacted the ISFE to ask if it was a sponsored publication and other details behind this massive email against the French ruling. It is very suspicious that an organization that puts the player at the center does not praise this move in favor of the consumer.

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