Second-gen AirPods teardown shows off new wireless charger and old impossible to repair design

Apple's second generation AirPods are here, and iFixit is already in the (wireless charging case) with its latest disassembly, showing almost the same technology that was inside the original AirPod along with The same Almost impossible to repair the design. But this time, you can upload them wirelessly.

As expected, there is only one loading spool in the case, so you'll want to make sure you actually put them face up when you put them on. a wireless charger (the LED indicator should help with that, however).

second gen airpods teardown shows off new wireless charger and old impossible to repair design

The new wireless charging coil
Photo: iFixit

On the positive side, Apple has apparently made some design improvements by adding a studio hinge to the case and a new, more water resistant coating to The circuit. Board in the case, which should help them avoid damage a little better. You will also need those improvements, because like the original AirPods, iFixit has rated them one zero out of ten to be able to repair them, essentially they can not be fixed once they are broken or if the batteries wear out.

However, the AirPods pale in comparison to the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Buds, which are much easier to disassemble, are not completely held together by glue, and can even (in theory) replace their rechargeable batteries or easily remove them for recycling.

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