Season 2 of NBA 2K Mobile is out

Season 2 of NBA 2K Mobile was launched today with a new face, important updates and top-level content. This includes Zion Williamson on the cover, new card customizations, major game updates in all aspects and settings, plus Gear & Mentors, and much more. The popular basketball simulation title for mobile phones and tablets continues to improve and this new content comes under the motto:

"Run it Back with Season 2 of NBA 2K Mobile"

NBA 2K Mobile Gameplay

Zion Williamson is the first general selection for the 2019 NBA Draft and is honored here as the face of the game for season 2. He was born in 2000 (19 years old) and was picked up or rather snatched from Duke by the New Orleans Pelicans of the National Basketball League. He plays forward power and small forward positions, which is how he dominated the first year while playing for the Duke Blue Devils. About having his own image in the game logo, Williamson said:

“I have played NBA 2K for years, and I am excited to have my face on the logo of NBA 2K Mobile [19659006] since I know that many basketball fans around the world love to play on their mobile devices. ”

As before, players continue to collect hundreds of player cards that have an incredibly good visual style, which is optimized for really good mobile devices. However, now 2K is driving the game with the Gear and Mentors function. Now you can assign a mentor to a specific player card to improve their attributes and PWR, while you can also join Gear and achieve different types of bonuses for a specific card, that is, player. This comes in a variety of custom basketball shoes from the most important names in the sport, such as Jordan, Kyrie (Nike), LeBron, Curry (Under Armor), Lillard (Adidas) and more.

NBA 2K Mobile Gauntlet Mode

Season 2 also comes with new rewards for card game collections and, in response to community demand, they have redesigned the Head to Head game mode. Now, players can take their own MyTEAM and participate in a live match against other teams in Head to Head mode, with all their trained and optimized lists. Communication with gestures is also presented with unlockables.

NBA 2K Mobile Season 2 also comes with some improvements in Gauntlet mode, with the addition of Daily Drill through which players win packages, and the ability to call the double team and selections during the game. All in all, the changes and improvements are designed to meet the needs of the community and the new content is here to expand the game and improve the experience.

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