Screen Recorder – Free No Ads v1.1.9.6 [Final] APK Free Download

Screen Recorder is an application that helps you to record your screen easily. You can help your friends by recording videos, recording games on your device, or recording videos. Screen Recorder – Free No Ads v1.1.9.6 [Final] APK Free Download Latest version for Android. Full APK Screen Recorder Download – No Free Ads v1.1.9.6 [Final].

Overview and Features of Screen Recorder – No Ads Free v1.1.9.6 [Final]

Before Downloading Screen Recorder – Free Ad No v1 .1.9.6 [Final] APK, read the brief overview and feature list below can.

Abstract: Screen recorders are apps that help you easily record your screen. You can record videos, record games, or record videos to help your friends.
screen recorder free no ads v1 1 9 6 final apk free download + Capture Screen Capture
+ You can trim the video after you trim the video on the screen or trim the video
Record microphone sound when recording + screen video
+ sdcard or save video to the desired location.
+ Insert logo, text, logo image
+ Insert face during recording
[User guide] + Open app in user app first and press video button on screen -> Allow screen capture
+ Or press the pause button on the screen
[Note] + For devices running Android 6.0.
+ Added facecam for notifications
+ Added banner text, logo, facecam borders
This app has no ads [
Before starting the full screen recorder – no free ads v1.1.9.6 [Final] APK – technical details [Final]