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Hearthstone: Saviors of Uldum is now available with new cards, new awards and new content. If you have saved in gold, now is the time to buy new packages and see the new card designs. As the goal changes once again and the competitive factor is restored a bit, Blizzard is offering some new opportunities for new players to get into the competitive car. Saviors of Uldum also comes with a nice trailer with 80's music, so let's enjoy it:

Blizzard removed the $ 80 order-purchase package a long time ago, which means there are no more ramp boost players now With deep pockets they could buy themselves. Everyone is alone, left to their ability, or if you want to spend $ 4.99 on Hearthstone, you can buy a welcome pack containing 10 packs of cards and a legendary letter from a classic dragon. This has significantly increased the competitive group for the game according to many online sources and professional players. In addition, as the latest expansions and seasons generally favored hunters, wizards, warriors and rogues, players from other classes now expect to spend the day in the Sun.

Some online guides to the Hearthstone card for Saviors of Uldum They reported that now the balance shifts a little towards the Druids. The hunters stay where they are apparently, which is pretty good, and now they have several top-level cards added. The magician got 10 cards that are evenly balanced and maintain the versatility of this class, while the paladins have some problems with the implementation of new cards. level, while rogues have obtained mixed cards, increasing options but also winning some weak cards The shamans also obtained mainly higher and some weak cards, while almost all new Warlock cards are of higher level, which makes May the Sorcerers return to the fight. Warriors are also winning top-tier cards mostly, staying in the competitive range. However, the biggest balance change comes with neutrals, so you should check all the cards you potentially get in terms of rank and usefulness.

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