Samsung’s vision of tomorrow’s phones doesn’t include the headphone jack

Galaxy Fold was the most exciting announcement at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event. The new S10 and its variants look like top-level phones, but Fold is what keeps everyone's imagination captivated. As CEO of Samsung Electronics, DJ Koh proudly declared at this event, Fold "made this industry a new way" and apparently the 3.5mm headphone jack

looks like a really interesting product, unlike the rest of Samsung's phones It is sour to do. If Galaxy Fold is the future of Samsung's smartphone, it will be time to say goodbye to users' favorite headphone jacks.

Whether to include a headphone jack draws a line on the sand. Samsung Electronics always knew where Samsung was. But now, Samsung is opening the gap. On one side is the S10 phone, which is the ultimate refinement of the Galaxy S formula that Samsung has completed for almost 10 years. The other is the Galaxy Fold, which sets the stake for the next 10 years. In the past, there is a headphone jack. There is no future.


In bold font, this is not a standard item for which only the headphone jack is missing. The microSD card slot that Samsung has been trying to remove with the Galaxy S6 has also disappeared. In 2016, the S7 came back to reclaim customer complaints.

Samsung's design decisions can go down into space. Samsung has one ton of technology in the Galaxy Fold. There may not be enough room for a headphone jack or microSD card slot that tends to occupy a lot of space internally. As a first-generation device in an entirely new category, Samsung will continue to improve in the next generation, especially after getting feedback from customers who actually use the phone since its launch in April.

Some of the issues may be useful. Samsung imagines that the user keeps folding and folding the fold when the screen is rotated and switched. In that situation, the headphone wires may not make much sense.

But there can be more. Samsung includes a new Wireless Galaxy Buds with a Galaxy Fold (it should consider the starting price of $ 1,980). Like Apple and AirPort announced by Apple side by side with iPhone 7, Samsung pulls out the headphones and pulls the customer out of the analog port. In 2016, we have argued that it is a user hostile and stupid decision. In 2019 we still are still making that claim. Wireless headphones are a little better.

As Samsung announced at this event, the Galaxy Fold will be a premium luxury device, not the mainstream. One is the same as S10 (and headphone jack). But the idea of ​​Samsung's luxury phone is the same as saying that it does not want to exaggerate all the features a customer might want.

Hope is not completely lost yet. As mentioned earlier, Samsung showed similar cycles without a MicroSD card slot, but was able to add it again for customers who demand flexibility. A similar change may occur with headphone jacks for future folds.

However, as smartphone features are ramping from more premium options to more mainstream models and the flag that Samsung is looking for, you can sand the Galaxy Fold to prepare for a wireless future or a USB C-to-3.5mm dongle It is time to invest in.

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