Samsung’s Tab 5Se tablet reportedly loses Wi-Fi if you hold it wrong

Samsung's latest tablet, the Galaxy Tab S5e, could lose its Wi-Fi connection if you keep it wrong. SamMobile reports that the problem occurs when holding the tablet in a horizontal orientation with the front camera to the left. For some users, this causes a reduction in the signal, while others report that their tablet's Wi-Fi connection is completely disconnected. Keeping the tablet in portrait mode or with the camera on the right does not seem to cause the same problem.

The launch of Apple's iPhone 4 in 2010 was famous for a similar problem. Shortly after the launch, people realized that the phone would lose all connectivity if it was held incorrectly. Despite Apple's claim that the problem affected less than one percent of phones, the company offered a free rubber "bumper" to all iPhone 4 owners affected by the problem.

Samsung still has to officially acknowledge the problems reported with the Tab S5e, and it's not clear how widespread the problems are. However, SamMobile reports that replacement devices sent to customers are experiencing the same problems, indicating that it is a problem with the tablet's hardware design. Samsung still has to respond to a request for comments.

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