Samsung to show foldable phone design and interface tomorrow, says report

An official from Samsung announced at the developer conference that they would release their phones. Reuters tries to show phone calls to developers and the public. Early feedback. An anonymous official acknowledged that this is a "different approach" to consumer-oriented launches, but since the company preferred a flagship handset and foldable phones are a completely new concept in terms of design and user experience, the announcement "

If you want to get the most out of your app, you will not see the device you have prepared in your developer keynote because you are targeting developers who need to redesign your app. Instead we expect to see the user interface with the first detailed image of the phone

This announcement will mark the 10th anniversary of Samsung Electronics' launch of the Galaxy Smartphone, a challenging year for Korean mobile companies. Global smartphone market share in recent quarter The product line has dropped 13 percent from the previous quarter, when Huawei and Xiaomi's earnings have begun to bottom out, according to SEC's recent earnings report, which hopes folding screens will become a competitive tool.

"Design and user experience" of a folding mobile phone, so that the second display on the outside can be used as a mobile phone. There is not a tablet-sized screen that can fit in a pocket, and it is not clear whether the device should be used primarily in landscape or portrait orientation. The initial concept trailer showed a dual display phone with a big screen, You can fold inward to make it bigger. On the contrary, The displayed Royole FlexPai has a single screen that can be folded in the opposite direction to allow the touch screen to be used in a folded state.

Samsung's developer conference will be held on November 7th, with DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung, It will start at 1PM ET / 10AM PT.

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