Samsung says Galaxy S10 sold better than the company’s plummeting profit suggests

Samsung warned its investors that they will invest less money this quarter. Clearly, revenue for the first quarter was $ 15.64, down 60 percent from last year. (About 13.4 billion dollars), only 6.2 trillion won (about 5.3 billion dollars).

Samsung sells the Galaxy S10 lineup today, and the company shipped 78 million phones (5 million copies) in the quarter. We expect to ship a few more phones in the next quarter.

The reason for the decline was instead the same as last quarter. Samsung's true bread as well as the demand for displays shrank. The company expects to see an increase in demand for flash memory with 256GB of storage capacity in both servers and smartphones later this year, while the demand for image sensors is growing, but in fact it announced it will ship more processors and modems. "Due to the seasonality weakness of smartphones"

Samsung has not mentioned the GalaxyFold smartphone that it can give up (yet) to the imported phone. Increasing demand for flexible displays Unspecified Although "new smartphones" are expected to help the display business, the demand for flexible displays can be predicted to be "soft" at this time. The company's display division uses other non-flexible smartphone screens to enable the department to "rebound".

If you want to see the profit of the company in detail, please do the following.

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