Samsung reveals key specs for its upcoming foldable smartphone

Samsung released a laptop this morning as the first foldable hybrid device that turns Infinite Flex Display devices from cell phones to tablets. Samsung said it plans to go into mass production for "display in a few months", but we do not know much about it beyond the simple look of when we get on stage today. I rarely know how the software actually works and how many different display orientations it supports.

At a developer conference this afternoon, Samsung released some new information about planned devices, including pixel density, screen size, and aspect ratio, in both folded and unfolded modes. Shara Tibken of CNET :

Pixel density is the standard 420 ppi, not the highest, but perfect. When folded, the resolution is 840 x 1960, but when expanded, it is 1536 x 2152. However, the aspect ratio is a more interesting specification here. The folded phone version of Infinity Flex has a 4.58-inch display with an aspect ratio of 21: 9, making it the highest device on the market and playing games, watching videos, or something like that. The expanded tablet version is clearly the default mode for this type of activity because it has more standard 4.2: 3 aspect ratio and 7.3 inch screen size.

Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers often do not know how this device works and how many times it repeats. Thankfully, early this morning we announced early support for Android's "foldables" with Samsung's big announcement, so early software support already exists. Over time, it continues to become more powerful.

In fact, Flipboard, a news aggregation application, has already signed to develop a self-correcting special version of its application, depending on which mode Infinity Flex is running:

Flipboard is certainly not the only developer. Given that Samsung has launched three new application multitasking capabilities called Multi Active Windows, at least other well-known app developers are expected to take the opportunity to develop responsive and modular versions of their mobile apps. Collapsible trend.

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