Samsung responds to Galaxy Fold screen damage: ‘we will thoroughly inspect these units’

Samsung has issued an official statement on display issues related to upcoming Galaxy Folds. There are two parts of the story, and unfortunately, only one of them presents the real answer.

First, Samsung "directly examines 19459030 units" screen is cut directly and without apparent cause. Our review unit developed a protrusion that seemed to be the result of something between the screen and the hinge, which ultimately broke the screen. So we have not yet given a clear answer.

Samsung has pointed out a separate screen break because it was trying to strip the protective plastic layer on the screen itself. It looks like a screen saver, but trying to remove it seems natural, but it should not. Samsung's statement is as follows:

Some of the initial Galaxy Fold samples were provided for review on the media. I have received several reports on the primary display for the provided samples. We will thoroughly inspect these units to determine the cause of the problem.

Apart from this, some critics removed the top layer of the screen and reported that the screen was damaged. Galaxy Fold's main display features a top protective layer that is part of a display structure designed to protect the screen from unintentional scratches. Removing the protective layer or adding glue to the main display can cause damage. We will ensure that this information is clearly communicated to our customers.

Clarity around screen savers is helpful, but we do not have a clear answer to our device and at least one other Galaxy Fold screen being damaged. As mentioned in the previous article, we returned the failed unit to Samsung for inspection and were waiting to hear what caused the damage.

There was a report of a problem with the Galaxy Fold after the review unit of the upcoming folding device went out into the world. Since then, several stores have reported issues with their devices. The Verge saw the inspection device fail immediately after using the device when the piece of debris was embedded under the folding display, and the OLED panel was damaged. Samsung Electronics has rigorously tested the display of the Galaxy Fold and promised that the flexible screen would last "200,000 times longer." However, claims do not appear to persist after actual use.

The problem with the display could have been avoided. Some reviewers say they stripped the outside "polymer layer" of the display-like display. It's actually an important part of the screen. Samsung already warns users not to strip their layers from the retail version of T-Mobile but it looks like they need a stronger warning. Even so, I could not explain all of the failed units, some of which had problems with owners who did not remove the polymer layer.

Given that the Galaxy Fold is $ 1,980, these serious failures are ahead of the official launch.

Galaxy Fold's screen error is not the worst disaster for recent Samsung. Go to Galaxy Note 7. Samsung ultimately had to explode the battery completely and cancel the production. So far, you can not get Memo 7 on a commercial airplane.

Galaxy Fold also has a lot of riding. Samsung is the first mainstream folding device to dominate the market competition and may be the only notable folding phone available in the United States. This kind of distortion in the early stages of the gate is Samsung's worst case scenario and darkens the company's eyes on the entire fold phone market as well as the Galaxy Fold.

Despite Samsung's statement, it is not clear what the underlying problem with the Galaxy Fold display is, and if it can be handled on time by Samsung. The company informs The Verge that Joanna Stern of will be released in the US on April 26, as pointed out in for the first time.

April 26 ET: Joanna Stern notes that April 26 still has a release date.

Updated on April 25 at 6:25 pm: Verge confirmed the launch date on April 26th.

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