Samsung Galaxy S11: what we want to see

Update: The chipset that will probably be used in the Samsung Galaxy S11 has been compared to high scores. In addition, the launch of the Galaxy Note 10 gives us clues about what to expect from Samsung's next flagship.

We do not expect to see the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S11 for a while since then, if Samsung continues its annual cycles for phone launches, it will come out in or around February 2020, but we have already been seeing some clues and clues about what We can expect from him.

On top of that, there are some features we didn't see in the Samsung Galaxy S10 that we expected, and there were aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung Galaxy A80 and Galaxy Fold that would work well on a new flagship Galaxy S [19659004] Inspired by all these phones, we have prepared a list of the things we would like to see on the Samsung Galaxy S11, or whatever the next Galaxy S phone might be (it could be the Galaxy S20, since the phone companies seem to jump directly from 10 to 20 when numbering phones)

You will find it below, but first, here is everything we've heard about the Samsung Galaxy S11 so far.

Get to the point

  • What is it? Samsung's next Galaxy S smartphone
  • When does it come out? Probable February / March 2020
  • How much will it cost? Probably more than $ 899 / £ 799 / AU $ 1,349

Date and launch price of the Samsung Galaxy S11

We saw the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 along with the Samsung Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 Plus, late February 2019. Since Samsung tends to launch its phones in annual cycles, we expect to see the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S11 in February or March 2020.

The Galaxy S10 cost $ 899 / £ 799 / AU $ 1,349 for its size cheaper storage, and rose all the way to $ 1,149 / £ 999 / AU $ 1,699, when it launched.

We would expect the price of the Samsung Galaxy S11 to be a small increase, since the Galaxy S10 was more expensive than the Galaxy S9.

Given the usual price increases on Galaxy S phones between generations, we would expect to see that it costs around $ 1,000 / £ 900 / AU $ 1,500 for the cheaper version, and even more for more memory.

Samsung Galaxy News and leaks of the S11

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S11 may be far away in 2020, but that does not mean that there are no rumors, leaks and speculations about the phone that are already on the web.

An announcement from Samsung made on May 9, 2019 with the launch of the new 48MP and 64MP camera sensors could be a clue of what we can expect to see on the back of the Galaxy S11 while the company seeks to improve your photographic skill in smartphones.

A subsequent leak was confirmed that the main camera sensor on the Galaxy S11 will be different from all previous Galaxy phones, from S7 to S10. That does not necessarily mean it will be this 64MP sensor, but it seems likely.

On the topic of & # 39; technology that Samsung has announced & # 39 ;: we know that the company has created a 12GB mobile DRAM, which allows the phone to read memory at a faster rate, so that It's another obvious candidate for the Galaxy S11.

The Galaxy S11 could also be the first phone to have a small set of 5 nm chips, according to Sina, who could see that it surpasses other phones.

The chipset, one that is believed to be the Snapdragon 865, has been compared to scores that surpass any other phone. The US versions of the Galaxy S11 are likely to use this chip, so it is promising.

One thing we may not have is a camera on the screen, since while Oppo and Xiaomi are already making fun of technology, a source suggests that Samsung will wait for the technology to "mature" first, and in the meantime it will stay with perforating chambers, although they are of smaller and smaller sizes.

In other news, it may be worth being aware of the rumors. and leaks with respect to & # 39; Picasso & # 39; like that, according to the Ice Universe filter is the code name Samsung is using internally for the Galaxy S11.

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