Samsung Galaxy Fold: the latest on the beleaguered foldable phone

samsung galaxy fold the latest on the beleaguered foldable phone

All the news about the Samsung folding phone

Originally, the Samsung Galaxy Fold would launch on April 26, 2019, and it became the first phone with a foldable OLED display. After years of rumors and a large hype of Samsung during the announcement of the Galaxy S10, it seemed that the future folding was about to arrive. Then, The Verge Dieter Bohn checked the phone and, like other publications, the screen of our review unit suffered a sudden and mysterious failure, only a few days after removing it from the box.

There are at least two problems at play: the folding screen is covered with a protective layer, which looks identical to a cheap screen protector. Several review units failed after it was removed. However, some screens appear to have failed due to the exposed areas of the hinge that allow debris to enter the screen. That is what seems to have happened with our review unit.

Samsung has recognized both possible problems and, four days before its launch in the US. UU., Samsung delayed the fold indefinitely. He declared that "he will take measures to strengthen the screen" and affirms that a new launch date will be announced in the coming weeks. According to the messages that AT & T sent to customers that preordered the Galaxy Fold, that launch date may be June 13 (although we believe it could be a placeholder date).

We have added the Galaxy Fold stories below to catch up with the story so far, and we will be following each new development in this StoryStream.

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