Sailfish OS given a Jolla good buffing as version 3.1 bobs gently into port

Jolla has updated Sailfish, the Linux-based mobile operating system aimed at those who prefer slightly less than Android and Apple in their lives.

Trumpeting the version as the "biggest update since the launch of Sailfish 3", Jolla has named the code "Seitseminen" in honor of a national park 50 km from the company's headquarters in Tampere, Finland.

Things have looked great in this version, with cosmetics that attract attention. To be fair (and in our very subjective opinion), Sailfish was already an attractive operating system (certainly compared to some of the most alarming Linux efforts that exist), but redesigns of major applications such as People, Phone and Messages will be welcome. , as well as improvements to email and calendar.

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The gang has also tried to facilitate a little the experience of users who escape the clutches of Google and Apple With some tips and additional suggestions. Existing users will be relieved to know that retention can also be disabled.

The final settings in this version are related to security. The encrypted operating system for the home partition (where emails, documents and messages are hidden) is now compatible with the operating system, although it is not yet enabled for Jolla or Xperia products, and now it is also possible to enable VPN functionality more robust before activation a network connection.

Fingerprint authentication for XA2 devices is also presented in version 3.1.

Of course, all this costs money to develop, and users are politely directed to Sailfish X, which is the "officially compatible" version.

There is, of course, a free layer. But if you want to access all those Android applications in the preferred version of Jolla, you will have to get rid of some cold and hard money. € 49.90 to be exact.

Gemini users can purchase the operating system for € 29.90, but they will lose support for the Android application and predictive text input (but retain the important Microsoft Exchange support).

If you have already With the cash, you will get updates "as long as the device is compatible".

In fact, Jolla is quite dejected with the compatibility of the Android application and has removed the "beta" tag from the functionality, declaring it "Commercial Quality" for the XA2 at least. The XA2 has support for Android 8.1 (Oreo), while the original Xperia X is locked in 4.4 (KIt-Kat), something that has caused complaints among the user community.

One commented: "I replaced my Jolla 1 with what it was then. * The * reference phone [the Xperia X] to use for several years, and I expected to also receive updates on Android support. Now, several essential Android applications they do not work ".

The company, which emerged from the ashes of Nokia's MeeGo effort, has made a dent as an alternative to the most common mobile options.

There is probably no small amount of silent satisfaction floating in its halls that has survived Windows Mobile, so it was blatantly by Nokia.

The Russian government selected the software to form the basis of its own mobile platform in 2016, citing a desire for self-reliance and freedom from US technology. UU.

The result was Avrova, a mobile operating system that could receive an unexpected boost to t Google spending must continue the current position of the US administration. Rumors continue to circulate that the beleaguered Chinese team Huawei is considering the platform in case it loses access to Google products once and for all.

Jolla highlighted the Open Mobile Platform in Russia for its special thanks for version 3.1. ®

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