Russian hackers were ‘in a position’ to alter Florida county voting records: Marco Rubio

Russian hackers were able to violate the voting systems of a Florida county during the 2016 presidential election. Florida Senator Marco Rubio confirmed in an interview, noting that hackers not only accessed the systems of the county, they also had the ability to change the data of the voters list. according to The New York Times .

The report Times & # 39; details how hackers imitated emails from VR systems, a company that sells electronic voting equipment to states. Some polling officials noticed that something was wrong (he used British vocabulary and a Gmail account), but in at least one county, the hackers were successful. Senator Rubio confirmed that hackers could gain access to a system and that they were "in a position" to tamper with the records.

Robert Mueller's report last week on Russia's interference in the 2016 election confirmed that hackers had infiltrated the provider and violated the computer systems of a Florida county, leading to Florida officials wonder what county – something the FBI has not disclosed, even to state officials. Earlier this week, The Miami Herald reported that the FBI will meet with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Senator Rick Scott in the coming weeks to inform them.

Rubio's statement confirms a report that the Senate Intelligence Committee issued last year, which states that actors aligned with Russia addressed state government and provider systems and "they explored the databases for vulnerabilities and attempted intrusions, and in a small number of cases they successfully entered a voter registration database," all designed to undermine the electoral process.

That report also It stated that in some cases, "these cyber-actors were able to, at least, alter or eliminate voter registration data," although the report did not say which states were affected, and noted that the hackers did not. it seems to have really altered any record.

In 2017, The Intercept obtained and reported on a secret report from the N SA detailing the efforts of Russia to violate the electoral systems of the United States during the election of the previous year. in particular, he pointed out that Russian agents had engaged a software provider, and that they had launched a "phishing" campaign against election officials. A subsequent report by Bloomberg provided new insights: that hackers attempted to violate the systems in 39 states and had gained access to voter registration.

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