RoomMe sensors know who’s in a room to adjust it automatically

Imagine a smart home that can always adjust temperature, lighting or music according to the people in the meeting room. A company called Intellithings is promising a new RoomMe sensor, a former Indiegogo campaign being launched around the world. So if a family member has the habit of coming home and putting a phone on a charging pad or putting it in a bag on the table, RoomMe has already been defeated.

RoomMe is compatible with a variety of smartphone products, including Sonos and Bose speakers. Tint and LIFX lighting; Ecocbee thermostat; HomeKit and Wink system; According to Intellithings, “hundreds” of ZigBee and Z-wave compatible devices.

RoomMe home requires at least two sensors. One of the smoke detector-sized puck is above the entrance of every room where you want personalized automation. To avoid the conflict, RoomMe adheres to the priority system: Room Master, Parent, and Child. For example, the owner of the room ignores even the parents when the child is defined as the owner of his bedroom. If there are several people in the room of the same level, priority is given to those who enter the room first.

RoomMe is an interesting idea for personalized home automation. For some it is a dream but for many people it is a “smart” hyperactivity. It’s certainly less invasive than decorating a house with a series of cameras and micros that always look and always listen to identify residents as they move from room to room.

2 Sensor RoomMe Starter Kits are priced at $ 129 or $ 239 for four packs. You can add additional sensors for $ 69 per pop.

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