Roku Premiere review: the cheapest way to 4K

Roku continues to push 4K streaming prices with the new $ 40 Premier. The device supports 4K, HDR10 and Dolby Atmos playback and is cheaper than Amazon's recently announced $ 49.99 Fire TV Stick 4K.

I've been testing Premiere for the last few days. Its performance is truly exceptional value, delivering brilliant performance, stunning viewing experience, Roku's proven software and extensive app selection. However, Premiere is just one of the trio of Roku devices and has different strengths.

  • Premiere ($ 40): The advantage here is definitely the price. At $ 40, Premier is cheaper than competitive 4K-capable products from Google, Amazon and Apple. Outputs Dolby Atmos sound in an application that supports Dolby Vision HDR10 HDR10 video and provides Dolby Atmos sound. The included IR remote is suitable for navigating Roku, but it does not have the ability to control the TV. Voice control is also not supported.
  • Premiere Plus ($ 50, Wal-Mart only): Premiere Plus includes a more convenient and convenient remote control with power and volume buttons for controlling your TV. Built-in microphone for voice search. Unlike Premiere, which requires a line of sight between Roku and the remote control, the Plus model can be mounted on the back of the TV, which is hard to see forever and it is good to receive remote commands.
  • Streaming Stick Plus ($ 60): Streaming Stick Plus HDMI dongles are slightly more expensive than Premiere devices, but they support 5GHz network and Wi-Fi 4 (802.11ac) to provide excellent Wi-Fi. Premieres only support 2.4Ghz networks, in which case the tested unit could not see The Verge default office network.
    • Good Stuff

      roku premiere review the cheapest way to 4k

Good stuff

  • 4K and HDR only $ 40
  • Easy to use interface
  • Fast performance and good stream stability

Bad Stuff

  • No
  • 5GHz Wi- Fi network is not supported.

Even though Wi-Fi is relatively basic, I noticed Premiere works.

  • The IR remote is ideal for streaming 4K content that requires attention and is buffered at ultra-fast UHD resolution across several other services, including voice support and volume / Netflix and Vudu. If you have halfway between your TV and router, upgrading to Streaming Stick Plus is worth the extra $ 20. (Plex power users may want to have a wired Ethernet connection with the top-tier Roku Ultra, or use one of the other two.) Between Premiere and Premier Plus, I have an additional $ 10

    roku premiere review the cheapest way to 4k

    Premiere is a small set-top box with HDMI port and micro USB port for power supply (no Ethernet jack). Because it is so light that it is not easy to put it on the table, Roku has a double-sided sticky tape in the box, the logo sticks out from the bottom of the box, the more obvious it is.

    The installation process takes no time. I remember I installed it, but I can not remember home screen layout of Roku TV at home I had to move several icons around because I had to move the order back in. The Grid of Apps home screen keeps simplicity above all else, and I feel good, but I am happy to bring this through Roku.

    roku premiere review the cheapest way to 4k


    roku premiere review the cheapest way to 4k

    So while you are very experienced, Roku continues to improve by adding new sections to the main menu. If you have a voice remotely, you can either say "Show me free comedy" or "Show me a free action movie" so that you can rent it You can get a list of things you do not need to buy. Universal Search Roku (Roku) will continue the great work in the best place to find what they want and feel neutral / unbiased than the Fire TV. There may be some difficulty in reaching the original content of the Amazon.

    You can also remove Fandango brand TV shows and movie stores from the Home screen. It was surprising that I did not expect a $ 40 product. Even if it annoys you can be switched freely. However, you can not avoid huge ads in your apps list. Remember: Roku now takes more into advertising business than consumer electronics companies.

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    Within the next few weeks, you can use Google Assistant to control Premiere (and other devices in Roku), which can be useful for people with a living room or home mini. From Amazon's Fire TV and Alexa's two punches.

    Roku skips Dolby Vision in Premiere and the rest of the product lineup is disappointing. Especially, Amazon is disappointed when it comes to new products such as HDR10, Dolby Vision and Atmos with $ 50 Fire TV Stick 4K. The HDR10 is great in itself. Vivid colors and impressive HDR highlights can still be achieved, but Vision may be better for movies and shows that support this.

    But Premiere is still a fantastic value. It works well, stream 4K reliably and is easy to use. Roku offers a lot at a small price.

    Photograph of Chris Welch / The Verge.

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