Road of Kings Gift Code: List of Gift Codes June 2021 –

Looking for Road of Kings Endless Glory Game Gift Codes? Here is a list of Road of Kings gift codes that can be redeemed for rewards:

Road of Kings Gift Codes Honor of Kings Gift CodesRoad of Kings Endless Glory is a mobile MMORTS game from SkyDragon Games. The game boasts classic MMORTS gameplay where you play as a lord and build a base. Increase power and dominate in PvP battles by adding and improving facilities, installing resource factories, training centers, and more. With features such as alliance battles, rallies and more, Road of Kings Endless Glory has achieved over 1 million downloads on the mobile app store. This post is about code. In today’s post, we shared a Road of Kings gift code to claim a free package. From regular in-game currencies to premium currencies.

King’s Path Gift Code June 2021 ⇓

Here is a list of all Road of Kings gift codes (Road of Kings Endless Glory codes) –

“pvg390” – Redeem this code before June 24, 2021. copy : –


King’s Path Gift Code 2021⇓

How to Redeem Road of Kings Gift Codes?

First, we will complete the tutorial to give you manual access to all menus in the game. When done, tap the “More button” in the lower right corner of the main screen. A new menu page will open with various options. Look for the “Gift Code” button. Tap on it and enter the code to redeem your reward. See all gift codes above. If the code doesn’t work, it’s expired.

How do I get Road of Kings gift codes?

For more Road of Kings gift codes, we recommend following the game’s FB page. Or check this post often to keep track of all your code.

That’s all I got from this post about Road of Kings gift codes. If you have an active code, please share it in the comments.

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Road of Kings Game Description:-

Road of Kings – Endless Glory is an exciting new empire simulation RPG combined with a strategy war game! You will experience the life of a king! The game pays attention to detail processing, allowing players to immerse themselves in empire management, political intrigue, brutal warfare, military strategy and a playboy romance!

Specifically: if you turn on peace mode, you won’t be attacked by anyone!

Main Features:

● Become a king, create a harem, fight for honor and fight for love.
A romantic meeting will take place between you and 7 beautiful and influential girls (more depending on your personal charm)! They are all enchanting princesses from different countries like England, Japan, China and Egypt. No one can take their eyes off the princesses when they start dancing!

● Recruit a series of legendary heroes
Recruit heroes and complete combat missions. Each hero has a 3D model and unique skills! Be sure to add each hero to your favourites!

● Enjoy rich rewards in the game
It doesn’t affect your work at all! Send your heroes to fight automatically – idling, you can get lots of rewards! You can accumulate wealth by idling every day. Unlike other SLGs, no one can completely destroy your kingdom! Enjoy the game to the fullest!

● Raising a family
Raise your children to lovingly great people!

● Alliance
Make friends, turn enemies into friends and fight for the throne!

● Participate in PvP
You can face off against other players from all over the world and fight for your honor!

Do you want to take over enemy countries, imprison your rival monarchs and conquer the queen? Will you release the prisoners of war?
Or would you choose to become a peace-loving king, marry a princess and start a family? Would you like to raise your children to lovingly great adults?

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