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Rise of Warlords is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms, in which various ancient civilizations battle each other. You choose the civilization you want to represent, such as Greece, Egypt or Babylon, and then you must build your base and armies to strive to become the richest, most powerful and successful player on the server.

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You can use the redemption code to get help along the way. Developers added these features to the game as a way for new players to get a boost at the start of the game, and for experienced players to maintain their edge while trying to find every little advantage against their opponents. Redemption codes can be redeemed for free items and gifts and are often given out for promotional purposes.

Read our redemption code list and how to find more codes in Rise of Warlords!

The first place you should start looking for the code is the game’s official Facebook page. Since it is run by developers, you will be the first to have the code. Subscribe to the page to always receive the code as soon as it is released. Also, before subscribing, take a look at our previous posts and photos for any codes you may have missed.

Also check out other social media platforms and find the official website run by the developer. This may contain other code that may not be posted to Facebook depending on the contest in progress. Twitter, Facebook, VK and other platforms are good sources for this.

Twitch and YouTube sometimes have proprietary codes that are not publicly available on other platforms. This is because developers can partner with streamers and send them the code for promotional purposes so they can share the code as part of a future video. If you put this code in your video, anyone can use it, so search for the video and stream as much code as you can.

The most popular forum for Rise of Warlords is likely Subreddit, named after him, so go there to find code posted by other players. Look for threads with code or comments that respond to players requesting the code. If you have code that hasn’t been posted here, you can also post it yourself.

One of the more underrated sources of code is a review page for a game on the App Store for every download of the game. We organize reviews from newest to oldest to eliminate the possibility of finding expired codes. If you have code that hasn’t been published yet, you can also post your own review with the code.

Discord chat is another great source because you can subscribe to channels, use the app’s search feature, and filter out all messages that don’t contain the word “code” or “Codes”. Browse all channels related to Rise of Warlords, the most popular first.

No code has been released for Rise of Warlords at this time. However, we are constantly checking the source, so stay tuned here. I’ll post the code as soon as I find it!

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