Ridge Racer 3D Review Nintendo 3DS

Ridge Racer is one of the game titles that gamers expect every time a new console or handheld is released. For nearly two decades, Ridge Racer has provided fans with an incredible racing experience for a variety of systems. Ridge Racer is one of the titles of 3DS launch games. Should handheld owners choose this game?

Ridge Racer 3D Review

Namco Bandai’s Ridge Racer has features and benefits to consider when purchasing 3DS owners’ games, and Ubisoft ?? s Asphalt 3D and other racing game titles. The best thing a developer has done with Ridge Racer 3D is that they did not do the best they could with keeping the game’s strengths and strengths.

Ridge Racer 3D gives fans the same formula the franchise has trusted from the start. Fans can see many familiar and popular tracks in the 3D version of Ridge Racer. As for Cars’ lineup, there is nothing special about this because there is no license. A.I of Ridge Racer 3D is very challenging even for professional gamers.

Distance passing

Ridge Racer 3D Review does not offer online multiplayer mode for gamers and has been replaced by “Street Pass”, which allows gamers to download the game’s date. Whenever a gamer’s 3DS finds another 3DS with the Ridge Racer, the two players can play modes that allow them to exchange different data and race and see other players’ cars. In short, if you and your friend own a copy of Ridge Racer 3D, you can play together with the Street Pass feature.

3D effects in game

Ridge Racer For the first time in the franchise history, players can enjoy racing in 3D. The 3D effect of Ridge Racer 3D is very simple but noticeable. One of the effects of the game that players can see over many hours is “confetti”. You will all ask me questions. Ridge Racer 3D will show the real power of the 3DS force. I will give you a simple answer. “Yes” shows whether 3DS can show the game in 3D.


The only major defect found in Ridge Racer 3D is texture. While this game definitely demonstrates the strengths of 3DS, the Ridge Racer 3D is not surprising on the Nintendo handheld, but far superior to asphalt.

Weak soundtrack

Ridge Racer 3D’s soundtrack will disappoint fans because it does not provide much of the techno-tuning of past Ridge Racer games. There is a game track of the Ridge Racer title in the past, but the overall experience is insensitive and gamers will almost forget the game.

Ridge Racer 3D Review is worth buying for racing genre fans for those who want to choose between asphalt and ridge racers for 3DS. Ridge Racer 3D does not give you a feel for new game titles, but it offers memorable tracks and gameplay in past Ridge Racer games. Do so and have a good time.

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