RFS – Real Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod APK Free Download

*** Special Discounted Beta Price! *** RFS – Real Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod APK + OBB Data Free Download Latest version for Android. Download full APK for RFS – Real Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod + Data OBB.

RFS Overview and Features – Real Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod + Data

Before downloading RFS – Real Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod APK Using the OBB data file, You can read a brief overview and a list of features.

Outline: *** Special Discounted Beta Price! Real-Flight Simulator-v0.6.4-Paid-Mod-APK-Free-Download-1-OceanofAPK.com_.png “/>  RFS- Mod-APK-Free-Download-1-OceanofAPK.com_.png
Travel around the world with satellite maps, 3D buildings, runways, procedures and air traffic, and explore high-resolution scenery and airports. Thanks to the advanced flight system, you have a unique experience, manage all your controls, customize all your aircraft, gauges, failures and weather conditions.
Flying now:
– Landing, landing or full flight
– Automatic flight planning
ADVANCED FLIGHT PLAN (19459012) – Flight plan management such as real-time flight and actual pilot, PRO
– Various options for creating / modifying / cloning complex flight plans
– Date / Time: CUSTOM / REAL (including night and day cycles)
– Departure time, (STEP)
– Aircraft: V-speed, gross weight, FUEL BURN, FUEL, PASSENGERS E CARGO
(19459012) – Live 40,000 daily flights
– Real-time traffic information for 35 major airports and connected destinations
– Get all available live flight to your destination ( It will bring to the place you want).
AIRCRAFT: HD, custom scenes, 3D cockpit, working parts, lighting, multiple airplanes (all airplanes only for PRO)
35 SD: Runway, 3D building and start and approach procedures
14000 SDL (PRO only): Runway and departure and approach procedures
Ground and air traffic (PRO only)
High-Definition Global Satellite Terrain
Satellite Elevation Map (19459012) High Altitude / Speed ​​Sensor, Tank, Ground Cranes, Engine, Flap, Aircraft, Trash Can, Tire, Rudder, Spoiler, (19459012)
– Multifunctional multi-panel system – Equipment: Basic Flight (19459012) – Worldwide high-definition height map
(Satellite data requires online connection to stream data) AGL / ASM, ETE Next / Destination, Navigation, Display, Flight Management System, Map, Engine, Fuel, Analog Altimeter / Anemo
ILS Instrument Landing System
ILS Instrument Landing System
ILS Instrument Landing System
-CONTROLS : Main throttle, flap, landing gear, spoiler, brake, rudder and pushback
– System: HUD, Wei Point / Aircraft HUD, APU, ANIC ICE, NAV / BEACON / LANDING / STROBE lighting
(19459012) – FUEL: Weight Balancing, Fuel Dumping and Actual Fuel Consumption
– Auto Pilot: Navigation, Approach (Automatic Landing System) + Speed, Heading, Altitude, Vertical Speed ​​
– Hesitation Alarm
– Map: Air Topography Airport and transit point. (19459012) -MULTI CAMERA
Pause / In flight:
-QUICK Activities: Runway / takeoff, landing, one-way landing, next waypoint and current location [(19459012)-WEATHER:CUSTOM/REAL
Last Activity Resume
Online Manual
LIVERIES: Create and share your Plane Spies with other players around the world.
Free Trial: Try RFS PRO for free.
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New features:
Modified external lights and strobe flicker order
New wing landing lights (supported devices only)
A320-200 new overhead panel
Support for notch and round device

A320-200 new overhead panel
Support for notched and rounded devices

RFS – Real Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod APK + OBB – Technical Details
Bug fixes
Bug fixes
IAS bug fixes
Bug fixes

Real-Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod APK + OBB You can read technical APK details before you start downloading.

RFS – Real Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod APK + OBB Data Free Download

Can I download so excitedly? Then, click on the first button below to start the RFS download. Real Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mode APK. This is a single direct link to RFS – Real Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod. The second button is to download the OBB data file for Real Flight Simulator v0.6.4 [Paid] + Mod APK.



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