Resistance 3 Game Review Playstation 3

Finally, Resistance title Resistance 3 game developed by Insomniac Games is now over. Focus on Resistance 3 to prove that you can offer action and suspense similar to Hollywood movies, though it’s not yet clear whether the franchise will make a fourth installment. Almost all PS3 gamers liked the first two Resistance game titles in the franchise, but now we have question three.

How does Resistance 3 build up? There are other questions. The answer is necessary. Resistance 3 is too difficult ?, Can the player make a single player campaign with a friend ?, What about weapons in the game? When you look at “good” and “bad” of Resistance 3, you will be sure to answer your questions.

Resistance 3 Game Review for Playstation 3

The Resistance 3 gameplay story took place in 1957 and was set right after Resistance 2. Only 10{e1eeae8903c1dd9d82c9616383f24a906b6d4234d6297ad1029e5fca4ff78afa} of the world’s population survives, and Joseph Capelli is one of them. He now has a family that will marry Susan and have a son and be protected. When Joseph Capelli met Dr. Malikov, he said that a mysterious spire was erected in New York City to create a wormhole. As a result, the temperature of the Earth drops sharply, and it enters another ice age. Joseph immediately decides to leave his family to keep the planet from freezing. Can Joseph survive to meet his family again? This is entirely up to you.


The multiplayer part of Resistance 3 is totally fun. The most important part is that you can play with your friends through a split-screen gameplay. When the gamer first launches the multiplayer mode of Resistance 3 game, there is only one gun and two skins, but there are more skins and skins to choose from. Increase your skins and guns so you can kick your opponent’s ass online. Although the multiplayer split screen feature has been included in other games, it’s a good idea to check out Insomniac Games for inclusion in Resistance 3.

The various benefits that gamers gain when they get Kill-Streak are also interesting to witness. Some of these privileges are concealment, cloak, hologram and extra ammunition. The best prizes and my personal favorite is if you manage to achieve a kill of 9 kills. It turns into a giant Arnie with a huge turret. This privilege does not last long, but it is very fun to use in that short time frame.

One of the biggest advantages of Insomniac in Resistance 3 is that a friend of the game’s main campaign can help gamers. We know this is not a new feature to let you know that this feature was used in Halo and Gears of War franchises, but it’s actually a feature that has not been used so often recently. I played in the same room with a boss called “RAIZ”. The screen size was truncated, but it did not affect the gameplay experience.

The last moment we played the game through Split-screen was “Motorstorm: Apocalypse”. Playing through the split screen was very difficult. It was very difficult for both sides to see all the destruction of the streets. We did not encounter this kind of problem in Resistance, because the majority of Chimeran’s enemies in Resistance 3 are larger than humans, which makes it easier for us all to aim and shoot. In short resistance 3 game we enjoyed the screen split experience for all of us.

Total tonnage

Insomniac Games is never a stranger to include other types of guns in the game. The company has included many weapons in its Ratchet and Clank franchises, and its resistance is no different. There are still machine guns, sniper rifles, and shotguns in the game, but every weapon has a second shot option, resulting in many unique and explosive results. Two of my favorite weapons in Resistance 3 are “Kimeran Gun called Oze” and “Mutator”. I have never seen or used this weapon in other video games. Augusta allows you to shoot enemies even through walls.

The weapon’s yellow laser can pass through most surfaces, so the enemy’s hiding area can not escape from “Auger”. At some point in Resistance 3 game the player must shoot human prisoners. Mutator guns are given to them so they can turn these captives into mutations. To maintain an exciting level, I entrusted myself to you with a wonderful result “Mutator”. Another goal that is important to all of you is that if you use a particular weapon frequently, that weapon can automatically level it.

No health regeneration

Currently FPS games are the most abundant and overused genre in the entire video game industry, but Insomniac Games, a Resistance 3 developer, still keeps the game fresh and innovative. The most surprising addition to Resistance 3 at Insomniac is that there is no health regeneration. This makes Resistance 3 a little more challenging and gives players an atmosphere of survival.

If you are one of those people who are worried about “regeneration of health” in Resistance 3, I have the opportunity to solve the regeneration of health if you want to, so I will advise you aside from your worries. You must complete the game once at all difficulties to unlock it.

The bad thing

Only a single player will receive a bonus: This is not a defect in Resistance 3. When I first played the game, the boss completed successfully at normal difficulty with “RAIZ”. And at that time I thought I had rewarded the “health regeneration” and “unlimited ammunition” bonus. But unfortunately I realized that I had to complete resistance 3 myself to be rewarded with this bonus. So if you want to get the above mentioned bonus, you have to complete the game yourself first.

Every year we watch a lot of FPS games, and it’s really hard for many people to stand out in the crowded market today. Insomniac Games kept Resistance 3 game fun and innovative at the same time. New and unique weapons, scary enemies and split screen multiplayer are the main advantages for me. Reintroduction of the health bar system is like a cherry on top of a cake. To me it is a sure 3 for resistance and shot competitors for the “Game of the Year”.

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