Rep. Ocasio-Cortez rips into Facebook, Google, and Microsoft on climate

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Chellie Pingree (D-ME) chief of the team at Facebook, Google, and Microsoft suggested climate change as a pledge to science. It has a serious adverse effect on the environment.

After news last week, lawmakers sponsored the LibertyCon conference, which encouraged climate change fraud. Speaking at the Libertarian-focused conference, the speaker of the CO2 Coalition says the environmental impacts of climate change are exaggerated.

"Each of you is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and is an effort like other people seeking renewable energy," he wrote. "To your disappointment, the example of encouraging sustainability and proven science hurts the implicit support for sessions held at LibertyCon."

At this meeting, . The meeting was not focused solely on environmental issues, but a meeting was held to ask if carbon taxes were a viable solution to climate change and religious freedom.

"Given the seriousness and urgency of the climate crisis we are facing now, lawmakers have found it important to ensure that climate-related views under LibertyCon do not reflect forward value."

Mark A letter to people such as Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai, during Cortez's first criticism weekend on the Oscar for Silicon Valley, she wrote Amazon Algorithmic Bias and Google and Facebook to criticize companies like Amazon for propagating false information to platforms .

Ocasio-Cortez said on Saturday that "the fact of the matter is that the current monopolistic tendency is not sustainable socially and economically."

In recent weeks Ocasio-Cortez has been known for its socially efficient and creative uses. The media turned their attention to technology giants in Silicon Valley. Just before she took the oath in January, Amazon announced that its second headquarters would be divided into New York City and Northern Virginia. Ocasio-Cortez agreed with many local leaders while rejecting Amazon's decision to move to Long Island City while the Senate's New York colleagues quietly spoke quietly about the announcement early on.

Google and Microsoft did not respond immediately to requests for comment. Facebook refused to comment.

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