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Android is an excellent operating system for mobile touch devices, but have you ever thought of Android as a computer operating system? Surely yes! Everyone believes that Android can be a computer operating system over time, considering that it has many functions and contains more than one billion programs, but the problem is that it was not created to be used with a keyboard and a mouse. Well, that's what Remix OS Player Review does.

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 Remix OS Player Review

Remix OS is a desktop operating system based on the open-minded Android x86 project, which includes a multi-windowed environment built on Android Lollipop 5.0 (As stated by Jide, will jump to Android 6.0 Marshmallow). The operating system is aimed at people who want to use an Android PC in the traditional way, through a keyboard and a mouse.

Talking about the operating system interface, the home screen offers a Start menu, taskbar and system tray like what we see in Windows. In general, it is more of an experience similar to that of Windows, even if it is about applications. Android programs have been optimized to work well with the performance of multiple Remix OS windows. Like Windows, applications can be minimized, maximized, and multiple application windows run on top of each other. The current alpha compilation does not have the Google Play Store, but you can download it and get more than 1.6 billion applications offered by Android.

Download the remix operating system here.

Do not have to go through the hassle of changing the operating system on your computer just so you can run a couple of applications? Now you can use the new Jide Remix OS Player to run Android programs within Windows: –

Remix OS Player Review: –

  Remix OS Player Review

Remix OS Player is an Android emulator that allows you to run an Android environment within your current operating system. Simply download and run an .exe file to start.

The only difference is that it runs as a desktop program, which means it can interact with the Android environment without restarting your PC.

Any Android application that uses the Remix PC operating system also needs to work from the Remix OS Player. As a result, you can play games, use mobile chat applications or even Internet browsers, office software or other applications … although I'm not sure there's any real advantage in making the mobile versions of these programs when you're in a position to simply turn on your desktop equivalents. I suspect that the main attraction of Remix OS Player can download and play with Android games in the Play Store.

Speaking of Play Store, Remix OS Player is loaded, but it is not enabled by default. Before you can buy the Google store for games, applications and press, you'll want to make the Play Activator application.

 Remix OS Player Review

But unlike some alternatives, Remix The operating system includes support for multiple windows and other settings to make the program more like an operating system of desktop, including a taskbar and an application launcher similar to the Begin menu.

Download Remix OS Player Here.

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