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Android is a great operating system for touch-based mobile devices, but have you ever thought of Android as a computer operating system? We are confident! Everyone thinks that Android is rich in features and contains over a billion programs, and I think it can become a computer OS over time. The problem, however, is that it's not designed to use keyboards and mice.

The Remix OS is based on the desktop operating system.

Remix OS Player Review

An open-minded Android x86 project that includes a multi-window environment configured via Android 5.0 Lollipop (as Jide said, will jump to Android 6.0 Marshmallow). The OS is intended for individuals who want to use an Android PC in a traditional way with a keyboard and mouse.

Speaking about the OS interface, the Home screen provides a Start menu, taskbar and system tray on Windows. It's an environment similar to Windows, although it's usually related to apps. The Android program is optimized for the multi-window performance of Remix OS. As with Windows, you can minimize and maximize your applications and run multiple application windows on top of each other. Alpha Build currently does not include the Google Play Store, but you can download and download more than 1.6 billion apps from Android.

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You do not have to worry about switching operating systems. Can you just run two apps on your computer? You can now run your Android program on Windows using Jide's new Remix OS Player. –

Remix OS Player Review:

  Remix OS Player Review

Please run the Android environment from within the current operating system of Remix OS Player. Simply start by downloading and running the .exe file.

The only difference is that it runs as a desktop program. This means you can interact with your Android environment without rebooting your PC.

For all Android app PCs using Remix OS, you need to work on the remix OS player. As a result, you can play games, use mobile chat apps, or use internet browsers, office software, or other apps … I'm not sure if there's any real benefit to running a mobile version of these programs while I'm on it, but the Remix OS Player We believe that the basic temptation will be able to download and play from your Play Store to Android games.

When we talk about the Play Store, it loads as follows: Remix OS Player is present but not enabled by default.

 Remix OS Player Review

Unlike some remixes, unlike Remix, you can use Google Store for games, apps and media. The OS modifies programs to feel like a desktop OS, including multi-window support and an application launcher similar to the taskbar and Start menu.

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