Remembrance Quest Steps

Many people will be wondering what rewards Shaxx’s second quest will reward. The answer is another mane to Fabled in the competition once again in Destiny Season 4, which is equivalent to Redrix’s Claymore (Luna’s Howl), with additional quests added (3rd grade), requiring a small number of cannon kills.

There is also a follow-up quest after competing for more HC kills and howls requiring maximum rank (compete in legend).

Walkthrough_How to Get Redrix Broadsword in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Thorn Quest

Here is Remembrance Quest Steps 2020

Step 1. Shock and rejection

  • Complete Crucible Matches in Survival Playlist.

Step 2. Pain and guilt

  • In the Survival Playlist, repel the last hit with a hand cannon during a Crucible match.

Step 3. Anger and Negotiation

  • Defeat your opponent with the last hit of the sun during Crucible match on Survival Playlist.

Step 4. Depression and loneliness

  • Complete a Crucible match in the Rumble playlist.

Step 5. Rising turn

  • Defeat your opponent with a precise final blow with a hand cannon during a Crucible match on the Survival Playlist.

Step 6. Reconstruction

  • Reach glory “fable”.

Step 7. Accept

  • Return to the Sharks Lord in the tower.

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