Remembering Grim Fandango: this week in tech, 20 years ago

The Verge includes many Halloween themes, but this week has the 20th anniversary of the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos and Grim Fandango . A classic adventure game heavily inspired by it. Grim Fandango was one of the last games of the prestigious studio LucasArts. GameSpot was one of the last games of "LucapArts" GameSpot "

D'de Muertos There is no proud tradition of artists who tore images Tim Schafer Issue Director of the Game discussed the following: "I knew I was using someone else's culture. The idea was to be as authentic as possible and to do as much research as possible. " The Los Angeles Times told in 2015, but Grim Fandango is a unique piece of art, mostly well-endowed puzzles, released this week as a Nintendo switch,

Intel The X-Files and Do the Simpsons have something in common? Homer Simpson replaces his brain Adweek Intel Pentium II processor. X-Files Intel Pentium II processor. It was aired at the beginning of the sixth season and was designed to educate the consumer audience on what role they play in the PC and the value of the PC. "

The second generation Pentium II processor is 450MHz, the 2018 Intel Pentium G The 5600 runs at 3.90 GHz. So if the Pentium II can turn Homer into a university professor in two weeks, modern Intel chips will have to make him a kind of god.

Do you know that video games can be compared to others? Human … The answer is yes because all celebrities have e-sports teams in 2018. But The New York Times was twenty years ago. When cutting edge technology was a game like Bungie Myth: The Fallen Lords or Origin Ultima Online . " Daniel Shiffman of Myth says," You are interacting with real people, not playing in the dark corners of a room somewhere.

Times This article is worth a look at the status of Internet gaming in the 90s when it coexists with portals like AOL. However, browsing the web and game portals was as disastrous as dealing with modern video game DRM and service updates, and it had to be done through a dial-up modem.

But to play one of the oddest games in a year, you need a cool modem. Apocalypse A third person shooter game against Bruce Willis. Willis originally sent his voice to AI's ancestors When Apocalypse fell on the road to development, Studio Neversoft saved him by being the main character. The conversation seems to have already been recorded. GamePro enthusiastically presented the game in the October 1998 issue and was given a start date on October 30th. The biggest legacy of Apocalypse is the fact that Neversoft is the most important heritage of Apocalypse . IGN ultimately participated in many fun and many hours " ] Apocalypse & # 39; s The tremendous success of the skateboard game built on the game engine Tony Hawk series. In fact, the first prototype reused Willis's character model. As level designer Aaron Cammarata has said, "The main character was literally Bruce Willis with a machine gun on a skateboard."

which was also a pretty good week. The Recording Industry Association of America filed an order to discontinue the production of the original MP3 player Diamond Rio, which the RIAA claimed to promote piracy. However, at the end of October, the judge did not require permanent injunctions to allow the Diamond Multimedia System to ship Rio in November. The legitimate operation of Diamond continued and in 1999 the US Court of Appeals declared that the MP3 player did not violate unauthorized recording.

Rio played only 60 minutes of music and could not happen like most early MP3 players. Apple's iPod – The last Rios was made in 2005. But there has been a legal war for consumers to copy music files from their computers to music players. The motherboard was an MP3 player that made the MP3 player possible in the US last year at least.

Finally, for book lovers MIT Technology Review Story Bill Clinton's Cobra Event (1997) describes the victim's suicidal We investigated novels about biological weapons. The novel (written by Richard Preston, better known by his nonfiction book The Hot Zone ) was so shocked to Clinton that he immediately asked the FBI to investigate the feasibility. In 1998, he proposed a $ 300 million budget line for combating biological terrorism, including $ 51 million for vaccine stockpiles.

Stephen S. Hall, author of Technology Review was skeptical of the "fearsome merchant" and criticized the deadly large-scale bioterrorism attack, but since Clinton's retirement in 2001, It became a much more urgent threat. To date, US bioterrorism attacks have been highly addictive to Rajneesh College's 1984 Oregon Salad Bar, which was recorded earlier this year in Netflix's documentary Wild Wild Country .

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