RED’s Hydrogen One “holographic” smartphone launches on November 2nd for $1,295

RED's Hydrogen One smartphone has been waiting for over a year and is almost waiting. Verizon and AT & T announced today that they will begin phone sales for $ 1295 this Friday, November 2nd. Verizon will provide a 24-month plan and AT & T will propose a 30-month plan.

$ 100 more than the agreed price of $ 1,295. I pre-order an invisible demonstration when it was first announced last summer. At the time, RED CEO Jim Jannard could not guarantee a lower price for people who did not pre-order, so early adopters eventually received a small discount.

The Hydrogen One was originally scheduled to begin in early 2018, but was pushed back many times. This delay introduces the Snapdragon 835 chip (a processor seen in all products from last year instead of the Snapdragon 845 seen on cell phones like Pixel 3 and Galaxy S9).

But the spec is not really a story here. The big problem is the many "exaggerated" hologram screens of the Hydrogen One that were not seen before. It can also record in 3D format associated with the screen of this phone.

I tried the phone last week. I have to tell you. It does not fit in hype. Looking at the $ 1295 price tag, it's going to be very difficult to compete with the iPhone XS.

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