How to Get Redrix Broadsword in Destiny 2

To get Redrix Broadsword in Destiny 2 you need to follow these simple steps given below!

What is Redrix Broadsword?

Redrix’s Broadsword is a legendary pulse rifle that was released in Destiny 2 season 4. This card is a companion to the incredibly rare Redrix’s Claymore.


Claymore is no longer available, but you can still get a Broadsword. Here are the exact steps you need to complete to unlock Redrix’s Broadsword.

Redrix Broadsword quest steps

Go to Shaxx and start the quest, it looks like a ticket. Once started, you must complete the following quests in order.

Step 1: Kill 200 enemies with the final blow of a pulse rifle in the crucible

These should be murder, not just damage. Pulse rifles are also available, so you can also equip your PvP with the most powerful rifles. We propose:

  • Graviton Lance
  • Three Graves
  • Go Figure
  • Marine
  • Inaugural Address
  • Blast Furnace

Step 2: Reach the “hero” courage rating

Top 3 positions are considered wins and the time limit for the Rumble game is 8 minutes, so Rumble makes ranking easier. If you win, you’ll get bonus points to help you rank faster.

Step 3: Achieve 75 double plays (double kills) in the Crucible

Don’t worry too much about the last blow. You still get double kill medals, even if you fire a shot to the opponent and your teammates kill them.

Step 4: Kill 150 enemies with precise final blows from Crucible’s Pulse Rifle.

Use the easiest pulse rifle for headshots. You are probably already aiming your head anyway, so now is the time to get those exercises working.

Step 5: Defeat 50 enemies with the last blow of the arc in the crucible and repel 50 enemies with the last blow of the sun.

Whether it’s through a gun, grenade, or super, you can set load-outs to match these elements and kill them with weapons.

Step 6: Complete 25 Crucible Matches in Quick Play + 25 Crucible Matches in Competition + 25 Crucible Matches in Rumble.

You don’t need to win this game, just complete it.

Step 7: Complete 20 Crucible Bounty.

Shaxx offers 5 bounty per day, so if you start saving completed bounty before reaching this stage, you don’t have to wait a few days to complete this stage.

Step 8: Reset Valor Rank 5 times in a season.

All grinding so far contributes to this quest. Each reset requires a minimum of 2,000 courage points, so we need to accumulate a total of 10,000 courage points. Win as many times as possible to speed up.

Step 9: Return to Sharks County and receive the Red Rix’s Broadsword.

Congratulations. Now you have completed all the steps to get Redrix’s Broadsword!

Redrix’s Broadsword Stats

Redrix's Broadsword Stats 2020

Redrix’s Broadsword has strong basic statistics. But it is a perk to make a gun so effective. Outlaws combined with Desperado significantly increase the gun’s DPS. How good the gun depends on how consistently you can handle it.

In terms of good rolls in Broadsword:

  • Try Arrowhead Break
  • Chambered Compensator
  • Extended Barrel
  • Ricochet Rounds

Is Redrix’s Broadsword still worth grinding in 2020?


After reading this post, you may be wondering if Redrix’s Broadsword is worth it. Completing Redrix’s Broadsword quest isn’t necessarily difficult, but it’s time-consuming and requires multiple steps.

Depending on your PvP ability, if you play for hours every day, it can take weeks to months. Broadsword was one of the most powerful weapons in the game at the time of release, but in the current meta, it fell behind the latest pulse rifles like:

  • Blast Furnace
  • Go Figure
  • Bygones

From a PvP point of view, Broadsword is currently not rated as high as other Pinnacle Weapons. However, Broadsword remains one of the best PvE weapons in Destiny 2.

Because the DPS is very high, it is useful for removing additional enemies and can be crushed through intruder enemies. Prosing Desperado is much easier for mobs.

From a pure PvP perspective, you can skip quests. However, if you are an enthusiast of collecting and doing a lot of PvE, I recommend completing the quest.

Meta may inevitably change over time. Redrix’s Broadsword can be an S-Tier weapon, especially if you’re getting a buff.

If you don’t hurry, just start the quest and complete it manually over time.

Tip: When you start Redrix’s Broadsword quest, many steps overlap, so start Luna’s How quest at the same time. You can complete both at the same time and kill two birds with one stone.

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