Reddit partners with Patreon to help creators build communities

Patreon, a crowdfunding membership platform for creators, today announced that it is partnering with Reddit to help users promote their work and build communities.

Much of this change has been made through small integrations that change the aesthetics of the producer's sub-list and make it easier to view Patreon accounts. The most noticeable change is the specific "sponsor" feeling that appears next to the Reddit username that supports Patreon's specific creator. This makes it easier for creators to know who is supporting them and can improve the interaction between their own sub-ads and creators who maintain loyal members.

  Reddit Patreon

This is an example of Reddit's new "Patron" layer. It can be seen in the sub-list of Amanda Palmer.
Image: Patreon

Personal subdirectories are popular among the Internet's most famous creators. For example, YouTube and twitter attributes often use personal sub-references as a way to communicate with fans. Some users, including popular game streamers like Destiny and xQc, use subdirectories to add to their streams and provide descriptions of events that occur in the Twitch community or topics that interest the fans.

Patreon creators often use other platforms, such as Discreddits and Discord, as spaces to match their supporters. This new partnership also means that the creator's Patreon page includes a Reddit widget that directs new members to a specific sub-bulletin.

According to a joint press release from Patreon and Reddit, the goal is to make it easy for Patreon's creators to subscribe, while supporting Reddit's community page. Widgets let people in Reddit instantly subscribe to creators.

  Patreon Reddit

New Patreon and Reddit Widgets
Image: Reddit

According to the company, integration is now underway in the Patreon creator group. It is expected to be released to more creators at the end of October.

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