Red Dead Revolver Story

Red Dead Revolver story, in 2000 Angel Studios in San Diego began developing for the video game Western. They made for Capcom, a Japanese series publisher like Resident Evil, and Street Fighter.

Known as the Red Dead Revolver, due to an action game built on the idea of ​​a Krymatic Shootout and a large amount of spaghetti western inspiration, this game was a difficult development, not a final series.

Red Dead Revolver Story

Total Recall looks back on the history of video games with characters, franchises, developers and trends. Missing a number of planned public shows at the 2002 European Computer Exhibition and Tokyo Game Show, Capcom decided to cancel the game in 2003, announcing that it would no longer fund or publish titles. But that was not the end.

Take-Two actually renamed Angel Studios to Rockstar San Diego in November 2002 without mentioning the fate of the Red Dead Revolver. However, following the cancellation of Capcom’s release, in December 2003, Rockstar announced that he liked what he saw in the game, purchased the rights to that name from Capcom, and decided to continue developing, headaches, etc. on it.

Illustration of the title of the game ‘The Red Dead Revolver’ in 2004

Rock House’s Dan Houser recalled to IGN in 2010: “It has always been a very good looking cowboy game that caught our eye. “It looked good visually at the time, but it was totally confusing to management. It didn’t really exist as a game. Capcom was ready to get away from him. So we said we would finish it. We thought we only had the right to publish it in Japan when we finished it.

But Rockstar released the Red Dead Revolver in May 2004 after 10 months of additional work “reverse engineering and leaving some items. It’s a game much more intimate than its successors. Red Dead Revolvers took part in various run and gun action game stages by using different characters and constantly switching, without leaving the player in an open world and defending themselves.

A neat (appropriate) break from this led to a slow motion quick time event in fast motion, beating the opponent at noon with a 1v1 quick draw shootout.

Video game Red Dead Revolver

The game was far from a blockbuster smash and had problems, but there were two things happening. Western video games, often rare and beautiful, were cool. Red Dead Revolver has been inspired by the spaghetti western style in its sleeves, and from the GTA, to the Warrior, if Rockstar likes one more thing, he is injecting a huge amount of movie tribute into his video games.

Success of of Rockstar Games

The game was successful enough that a year later, in 2005, Rockstar decided to start a follow-up work (or the genre showed enough promise). Eventually, Red Dead Redemption, released in 2010, was created by more than 800 developers (more than 100 revolvers), built in a huge open world, and continues to be one of the most acclaimed video games.

It would be wrong to call Redemption a true sequel to Revolver. The shootout was a shootout because there wasn’t much in common with the telegraph other than the name and genre (characters, locations and tones vary completely from game to game).

For the first time, Revolver introduced what is now known as Dead Eye, an outstanding feature of the Redemption and Redemption 2, shootouts, where time slows down and the camera can mark multiple targets and shoot almost immediately before speeding up.

Enjoy the wild of untamed Red Dead Redemption 2, for the next few weeks and remember that you won’t enjoy it at all unless it’s Capcom’s bad deal.

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