Red Dead Redemption 2 tips & tricks for beginners

If you’re traveling Rockstar’s wild west, pick the Red Dead Redemption 2 tip to guide you on the road. If you’ve never heard of it, RDR 2, is the absolute monster of the game, and if you want to experience everything you see, it can easily absorb hundreds of hours.

Even if you focus on completing the main Red Dead Redemption story, you’ll spend considerable time walking Arthur Morgan’s boots and reaching the epilogue.

Red Dead Redemption 2 tips

With this in mind, getting used to these handy Red Dead Redemption 2 tips allows you to start your long distance journey forward without making any rookie mistakes during the start. Check out the video below for the essential Red Dead Redemption 2 tips.

Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay trailer

1. Unlock secret moves by combining with your horse

The more you combine with the mount, the more abilities you gain. In level 2 bonding, the horse will grow to the classic wild west style by holding down RB / R1 and pressing X / Square. At level 3, a hairy companion can perform essentially horse-sized handbrake turns when pressing RB / R1 and A / X when moving.

When you reach the maximum level 4 bond, the horse is pushed left and right while holding down the B / Square mid gallop. It is convenient for riding in dense forests or quickly maneuvering tree chunks.

2. Keep the core taut

With tonics and other potions, you need to keep the core while the outer ring of dead eyes, health and fitness goes up. no. Not headed to the gym. But that doesn’t mean Arthur Morgan is watered, guaranteed to smoke and smoked. Otherwise, the distance you can run is severely limited. How long can you survive? Keep your bag open regularly to serve Arthur with food, drinks and other supplies.

If you put your heart on the top and doubt it, return to camp or make it temporary, then Arthur rested to keep him the best. The same is true of words. Slap them as much as possible to get proper rest, brush their teeth to replenish their strength, and feed them with lumps of sugar and other delicacies to maintain maximum health.

3. Use dead eyes to hunt

Morgan’s slow motion technique is especially useful when aiming at small prey such as squirrels or foxes. Dead Eye also emphasizes the animal’s vitality, and shooting the heart or neck can usually kill immediately and cleanly if the correct ammo is used. Take a look at the Red Dead Redemption 2 ign hunting tips for more advice.

4. Turn on Toggle to Run

Selecting this option from the main control menu will save you time by switching to a system where you shouldn’t hold down A / X once. Sprinting in Red Dead is drained enough … especially when Arthur often puts the body on his back. There’s more advice on improving the game in our guide to setting up the best Red Dead Redemption 2.

5. Know HUD Options

To get a more immersive experience by holding down the D-pad and selecting ‘radar off’, you can turn off the radar and all other on-screen displays. In this HUD free mode, quickly press the D-pad to turn the radar back on for a short time. Conversely, you can make the radar larger by selecting ‘Expand’.

This is useful for finding enemy icons during extended shooting. To approach midway, choose the ‘compass’ option, which shows the general direction you should aim while reaching your goal, rather than the exact fastest route that a regular radar provides.

6. Wild West Selfie Shoot

Choose Arthur’s camera from the item wheel and you’ll be able to take cool virtual photos of your surroundings and upload them to Rockstar’s Social Club. Usefully, every photo you upload will show a convenient hash tag at the snapshot location, so it will look like Valentine or SaintDenis. You can even take a selfie at a long time using Arthur’s camera. He is a really progressive outlaw.

7. Learn to play poker at camp

Learn to play cards in Dutch camps so you don’t risk losing hard earned money while still learning poker ropes. The maximum bet while playing a gang-pal is an incredible dollar. What you can lose in this game is a few cents, but playing here is useful for teaching poker basics before hitting high roller tables in the world. Also, poker rules are described in the help section of the pause menu.

8. Carry a lot of cigarettes

The Cigars, Cigarettes, or even Indian Cigarettes raise the Dead Eye Meter. You’ll be knocking down many friends in Slow Mo, so this is the key to the fastest depletion. Snake oil can also be brewed in camps to fill Dead Eye cores. But be careful about eating too much live tobacco. You can eat too many plants before the effect disappears for 24 hours. Squeeze the urge to smoke Indian cigarettes throughout the day.

9. Go to the post office and pay the bounty

If you have a bounty on your head, it can be difficult to travel peacefully in frontiers. Visit the post office so that bounty hunters and other lawyers don’t keep chasing Arthur every time they are on bounty. Most cities and train stations pay these crimes.

The bounty depends on the county’s crimes, so the $ 120 bounty earned by shooting all Sheriff’s sheriffs in Heartland will not carry over to West Elizabeth. The Red Dead Redemption 2 bounty and Wanted Level guide has more details.

10. Keep the Red Dead Redemption 2 horses whistling

There is no telepathic hearing in your words. If Arthur tours the streets of Saint Denis and whistle while Horsey McHorseface is in the middle of Heartland, the pony friend will not come. Do not wander from horses between missions if you can help it. It also pays to combine with the mount. The higher the level of horse engagement, the farther you can whistle. Red Dead Redemption 2 ign you can help yourself by catching the best horses.

11. Keep the hat on a horse

Lost your fave fetching cowboy hat in a pub fight? do not worry. In the loyal dancing saddle, you can store three hats for horses that you can choose at any time. Even the outlaws value style and protection from the beating sun.

12. Quick trip price

For the first 20 hours of the game, Red Dead 2 does not have a traditional fast travel system. To get a long distance fast, you need to buy a train ticket and take the rails. Tickets are generally $ 5- $ 15 depending on the duration of your trip. If you’re really tired of visiting New Orleans-like Saint Denis before the story, you can only take a train to Deep South city for about $ 10 from Valentine’s Day.

13. Read Arthur’s Journal

As you can see from Arthur’s point of view, holding the D-pad to the left so far has a summarized version of the story. Even before the game begins, it fills in the story gap about Morgan’s life. Morgan and Hosea were driving prisoners in Blackwater and seemed quite happy until they planned their robbery apart from the rest of the gang. Of course, that annoying Dutchman ruined everything with the diseased Black Water Ferry raid. Silly Dutch.

14. Upgrade your camp using the ledger

The ledger is not just a place to monitor how much gang members contributed to camp life. You can also use this book to upgrade your camp’s medical, ammunition, and food stalls. Upgrading this not only allows Arthur to fill his pockets with more bullets and snacks before he starts his mission, but also improves camp fraud. It is worth upgrading your Dutch residence as soon as possible.

That way, the rest of the gang’s colleagues immediately start donating more money to the camp. The public camp fund is the amount that will be used to upgrade the facility, so donate enough. After a few missions, if you go through a healthy change, you’ll soon get a decent amount for your camp upgrade, and you’ll get all the details available in the Red Dead Redemption 2 update camp upgrade list.

15. Always carry your jacket with you for cold snaps

It seems we are worried parents, but the weather can change. This is especially true if there is a possibility of jumping up the mountain on a given mission. When visiting a mountainous area that can be done in the clothes trunk of the camp area, it is necessary to keep a cold outfit on the horse. If it gets cold, it affects health and fitness, so it is worth preparing.

16. Always carry a horse revival kit

In Red Dead Redemption 2 when horses are made absolutely, you’ll want to be prepared for the worst and keep your furry friend safe at all times. One way to discourage you from throwing off a cliff, driving in a tree or carriage, placing it in the middle of a fire truck, or putting it on a train track is always to make sure you always have a horse revival kit in your pocket.

This massive shot brings your brave horses back from the brink of death and can be bought at any stall for $ 9.50. You will be grateful for one of these people when the words disappear.

17. Shoot into the air to fear potential enemies and predators

As part of the Red Dead Redemption Story, you can learn this as part of the Fellowship Expedition, but you can actually pull the gun and then press the D-pad to shoot it in the air. This can scare anyone who threatens you, clean a bar, or even scare a wolf or other animal predator.

18. You can split all bullets into a bonfire to make it more powerful

If you set up a campsite in the wilderness, there are a number of options available, but one of the things that can be approached fairly early in the game is pointing to all ammunition. You have to use bullets on the basis of bullets, so it takes time, but when they are in the gun compartment, the bullets damage and the dead eye drain slows down.

19. If you don’t want to identify yourself while committing a crime, use the hood freely

Offenses are basically bread and butter when outlaws, but there are ways to minimize the risk of being identified while committing offenses. You can hide your identity by wearing the hood at the bottom left of the item menu. That way, when a bounty comes to your head, lawmakers can keep walking around town without knowing exactly who is hunting.

But the tip is that when you talk with other civilians, you know that you are in a way of actually committing a crime, so you need to get rid of the hood you don’t want to chat with.

20. Press the Gallup button to slow down your horse’s fitness

Spend a lot of time on your horse in Red Dead 2, gallop between one point and another, and it can be a pretty long trip if you don’t fully pelt. Unfortunately, if you don’t tap the gallop button (A / X) along with the horse’s gait, the horse’s stamina is weakened, allowing you to speed up without using stamina. Fellow Outlaw Gallup!

21. You can change the name of your horse

It may take time to form bonds with your horses, and it may just be called Kentucky Sadler or [insert other horse breeds here] a bit strange. Thankfully, you can go to Stable and rename the horse. Click on “Manage Horse”, select the horse you want to rename, and go to the service, which hides the Horse Rename option.

22. Tap and hold Options / Selection to display the Red Dead Redemption 2 map

This may sound silly to someone who already understands, but if you hold down the Select / Options, you get the map without selecting it from the Settings menu. It really blows the hearts of several members of the GamesRadar team. The shortcut is unlocked.

23. Check the log if you are going to check out the challenge

In Rockstar’s Wild West’s various adventures, you’ll want to start a variety of challenges, from jumping rabbits with horses to eating 4 different berry berries. But you can only see it when you get the first and last for the challenge. To see your progress you need to go to the Challenges tab in Logs (left tab in D-Pad).

24. Red Dead Redemption 2 cheat codes are hidden in newspapers

If you’re like me, you won’t want to stop at the quest to get all Dosh back in Blackwater and beyond and read the newspaper. However, periodicals that you buy from newspaper sellers don’t really do that because they actually have cheat codes tied to the text.

To unlock each cheat code, you need to buy a specific newspaper, so you can’t find a phrase to insert into the cheat menu on your old internet computer.

You must physically own each newspaper. To make things more complicated, not all newspapers have cheat codes. You will find them on the back cover.

Red Dead Redemption 2 final tips

The list of useful Red Dead Redemption 2 tips cheats is all gathered, but you cannot enter some cheats until you purchase and unlock the relevant newspaper.

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