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Recycle bin for Android such as "Trash" or PC Trash on Mac – Recycle Bin, "Recycle Bin" on File Recovery v1.6.9 [AdFree] Download the latest version of APK for Android free of charge. Download the complete APK Recycle Master-Recycle Bin, File Recovery v1.6.9 [AdFree].

Recycle Bin, Overview and Features of Recycle Bin, File Recovery v1.6.9 [AdFree]

File Recovery v1.6.9 [AdFree] APK before downloading the Recycle Bin Master Trash, you can read the brief overview and function list below.

Overview: Android's trash can, such as "Trash" on Mac or "Trash" on PC

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Have you accidentally deleted important photos and videos from your phone? Install Recycle Master to get Recycle Bin or Recycle Bin from your device to get file recovery capability. After that, all deleted photos, videos, documents, and other types of files are automatically backed up to the Recycle Bin or Trash. You can then easily recover deleted files and restore them to your device at any time.

Lock your app with a password
You can make a recovered photo, video, or document in the trash can be marked as private and not visible to others. Recycle Master allows you to add passwords to your app. External viewers need to know their password before they can see the deleted content.
Auto Cleanup
The Auto Cleanup feature automatically saves the backed up files in the recovered Recycle Bin, saving device space. Cleaning can be set weekly, monthly, or seasonally.
Collect file garbage on the device
After installing Recycle Master, you can use it as a file garbage dumpster. Discard any secret photos or files you do not currently need in the dumpster. You can view this file directly in the Recycle Master or recover it at any time from the dumpster.
Key Features
• Easy Backup – Automatically backs up deleted pictures or videos.
• Instant Search – Instantly search for photos, videos, audio, documents and any type of file.
• Lock your app with a password – Protect your personal information with a password to protect your privacy.
• Auto Clean – Automatically free the device space.

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New features:
Supports free trial
How to unsubscribe during the free trial period
• Easy backup
• Instant search
• App lock with passwords
• Quick Clean
• Automated Cleanup
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Master – Recycle Bin Recycle File Recovery v1.6.9 [AdFree] APK – Technical Details

Full Recycle Master Recycle Bin, File Before you start recovery v1.6.9, you can read the technical APK details under APK download [AdFree].

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