ReCaster – online videos to anywhere (Chromecast) v1.4.10 [AdFree] APK Free Download

With ReCaster, you can watch a wide range of news, sports broadcasts, movies, and TV series from your favorite websites, on your phone, tablet, or TV via your Chromecast. You can also download videos if you have legal rights. ReCaster – Online video from anywhere (Chromecast) v1.4.10 [AdFree] APK Free Download Latest version for Android. ReCaster's full APK – online video from anywhere (Chromecast) v1.4.10 [AdFree].

ReCaster overview and features – Online video from anywhere (Chromecast) v1.4.10 [AdFree]

Before downloading ReCaster – Read online video everywhere (Chromecast) v1.4.10 [AdFree] APK, below a brief overview and feature list can.

Abstract: ReCaster allows you to view a variety of news, sports broadcasts, movies, and television series. You can access your TV from any website on the Internet, from your phone, from your tablet, or from your favorite player's Chromecast. You can also download the video in case you have legal authority.

Using ReCaster:
1. Open the website with the video player.
Supported Media Types:
* HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
* HTML5 Video (MP4, WebM, OGG) . Wait until the page loads until you perform the analysis.
2. If ReCaster recognizes the type of video player or intercepts a request for a video file, the video is immediately added to the list of found videos (the found video counter is in the application toolbar).
3. If you want to watch videos on your phone or tablet, skip this step. To watch on your TV (Chromecast), touch the button on the toolbar to connect the application to your Chromecast.
4. Open the list of found videos and select the video source and image quality.
5. Complete!
Q: The video player is on a web page, but the list of found videos is empty.
A: Start playing the video on the page as usual. The video request will intercept and the video link will be added to the video list.
Q: The video player should not exist (eg a message saying that Adobe Flash Player is not installed).
A: Change UserAgent in ReCaster settings. In most cases, it's a website tailored for popular tablets or occasionally specialized for Android phones. If that does not help, please send us your URL using feedback from your application.
Application uses feedback form:
* application does not work on your favorite website (no video)
* question or suggestion
* issue .
* This application does not support Flash and FLV video.
(19459012)] * The application does not contain a link to the resource that contains the video. You need to find web pages directly on the internet, such as using a search engine.
* When you play a video, the application sends a video link to your Chromecast. Chromecast plays videos on its own. As a result, if the video plays in a delayed state, the problem is that the website or Chromecast is accessing the Internet.
What's New
* Previous code has been removed.
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This app has no ads.

ReCaster – Online video from anywhere (Chromecast) v1.4.10 [AdFree] APK – Technical details

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ReCaster – online (Chromecast) v1.4.10 [AdFree] APK Free Download

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