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It seems that every game company wants to prove that they take better battle royale genre than PlayerUnknown’s BattlegroundsBattlefield, and Fortnite,. Hi-Rez Studios, is one such company. Earlier this year, companies at Paladins, and Smite introduced Realm Royale,. In response to extensive criticism, Hi-Rez today announced a studio called Heroic Leap Games, dedicated to the creation of Realm Royale.

Realm Royale Review

The company announced that “Heroic Leap Games” will be the new studio of the “Hi-Rez Studios Publishing Group”. Once the new studio is established, we hope that the team will continue to focus on improving Realm. Our community And Royal. “It’s not clear how much freedom Heroic Leap Games gets from Hi-Rez or what changes players can expect after creating a new studio.

Realm Royale

I first checked Realm Royale in June. Initially, it seems like the battle royale genre is refreshed because players can choose a unique class with their abilities, build their weapons in locations scattered throughout the map, and “split” items. Someone picked up The result was a Battle Royale game that encourages boldness instead of cowards.

But in the last few weeks Realm Royale has been involved in a constant tug of war between developers and fans. The changes are extensive. Hit-scan weapons (a kind that instantly attacks everything on the path instead of travel time or arcs) have been added, removed, re-added, and adjusted.

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I have disabled forging and then enabled it again. Powerful legendary weapons dropped from the box … the list goes on. Many of the Realm Royale subreddit, will not be surprised by anyone who has played Paladins, or Smite by quickly mentioning the problems of the game, both in technology and design.

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Many people like to hate developers, but since the backlash never ends, this can be messy as you hear in the Reddit, of some games. As soon as one thing is judged to be “sticky”, the other changes the basic aspects of the game.

This problem is not unique to Realm Royale. Epic Games, has made a controversial update over Fortnite, over the past few weeks, updates to Blizzard’s Overwatch, are often wrong, and Riot Games, has been blamed for months with radical changes in League of Legends,. The difference between Hi-Rez is that every game has an audience.

About development

Realm Royale is drawing attention in an increasingly crowded market. Hi-Rez makes sense to understand whether giving Realm Royale developers more autonomy in the studio will help appease the fan base. Fortnite’s, monumental success will be impossible to imitate.

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A single vision of Realm Royale’s development can help the game find its own identity, and persuade people who have played the game before all these radical changes have made it another chance. The future of Realm Royale is unclear, not to mention the early esports, scenes that offer over $ 100,000 in weekly tournaments.

You will soon find out whether the creation of Heroic Leap Games, will really change the way games are developed, whether Hi-Rez is paying lip service to everyone who wants to see Realm Royale. About other titles in the studio.

Realm Royale download and system requirements

  1. CPU: Intel Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00 GHz (4 CPUs), ~ 3.0 GHz
  2. CPU speed: Information
  3. RAM: 6GB
  4. Operating system: Windows 7 (64 bit)
  5. Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 555
  6. Pixel Shader: 5.0
  7. Vertex Shader: 5.0
  8. Sound card: yes
  9. Free Disk Space: 5GB
  10. Dedicated video RAM: 1024 MB

You can download Realm Royale on your PC Windows


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