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The formula is proven to be popular. As soon as Realm Royale Xbox started early access in June, the famous Fortnite, streamer, such as Ninja and Shroud, sought the charm of the weak and prayed for a maximum of 100,000 concurrent users. But unexpected dispensation did not last.

Realm Royale

Within two months, Realm Royale’s number of concurrent players dropped to an average of 5000, down 95% from its peak during the summer. This decline continued as in autumn, and the game was left to Battle Royals fans in favor of a new and old experience.

Realm Royale Xbox game

However, Hi-Rez, Smite and Paladins, who continue to enjoy healthy audiences, were not ready to give up there. Over the past few months, the internal studio Heroic Leap has worked hard not only to improve and re-adjust Realm Royale.

But finally to bring the game to PS4 and Xbox One. Developers at the Hi-Red Expo this week have already released a closed beta key for their Xbox One game, and the PS4 code originally expected it to be released very quickly to those who expressed interest in the early testing phase of the year.

To be honest, when we entered Alpha, we were completely caught by the guards by the reception the game had in the early days, said Rory Newbrough, brand director of hero leaps, Hi-Rez, Presents.

The game has a fun foundation, but we still have a long way to go to provide our players with a lasting experience, which is not yet ready for the next step. The next step was the promised release of Royal at the console and was finally available.


Having used a closed beta version of Xbox One, this port has proven to be a successful translation to the console, allowing you to easily implement competitive scenes in your system by implementing Hi-Rez’s sleek, aesthetically pleasing gameplay.

Battle all the winners of the royal family have 99 people lost in the first place. Meanwhile, the changes that Realm Royale classes game has already made since the release of Heroic Leap have eliminated the unnecessary complexity of the game, which fans were originally unhappy with.

The armor system that prefers the potion-based model of Fortyite, a shielding consumable of Bad Royal, has been abandoned. The ability to explore airships before jumping into the stadium adds a simple but effective pre-game tension and concentration.

Each match

In HRX’s showroom, the conversation between Hi-Rez fans speaks of uncertainty and skepticism about Realm Royale Xbox game a joke about the game, another game in the studio that has been released, fired, and left to die. Two years no need to mention it throughout the convention.

Clearly, despite the decision of the hero to take the leap at the fair, the Royal Kingdom is still likely to fall on the roadside. When you arrive at the console, you will definitely be introducing the game to two larger installation bases.

However, competition is more intense than Blackout, PUBG, Clash of Clans, and Battlefield 5, Firestorm are already on PS4 and Xbox One.

Real Royale between the PC and the Xbox One (and potentially PS4, depending on Sony’s whim) is underway, HRX’s weekend will host a $ 25,000 Realm Royale tournament, and the Nintendo Switch can be expected to launch someday Considering that Paladins.

And Smite will become official apps on the platform in the future, but whether Realm Royale will appear on HRX next year, or whether Hi-Rez like Hands of God will forget the game as if it did not exist from the beginning Still remains.

Two weeks ago, I was sitting in the diving bar, so it was virtually underwater. I learned two things by saying that my friend spent almost all Paladins on the Xbox. 1) Paladins should be bigger than I thought, 2) platform restrictions can make me sad.

Hi-Rez announced today that Paladins, Realm Royale game and Smite have a platform-to-platform play at the Hi-Rez Expo in Atlanta. Cross-play will be added to Paladins at the start of Season 2, and the names of the current competition period and the new update steps are confusing.

Realm Royale update

This will begin in January with a 2.01 update scheduled for January 16th. Switch, Xbox, and PC players all have parties together. Realm Royale Xbox offers cross-play at some point in the closed Xbox One beta. It’s still running now. It is not clear when cross play will arrive.

Hi-Rez says he plans to expand the console beta soon to PS4, but this press release only shows the addition of cross play Realm Royale for PC, and Xbox. Smite cross-play dates are not more specific when PC players can join Xbox One and Switch players.

Oh yeah: Smite is also on the switch. Beta will close on January 24th. To celebrate, you can have a free Starter Pack for Paladin by logging in before December 15, including the four latest champions and their own skins and voice packs.

I am actually in Atlanta now. I am writing this in front of four adjacent wall screens that show the Paladin and Smite world championships. Grungy setting. After the digital dust has stabilized, I will let you know more. Keep an eye on Smite and Paladins for more announcements. I will tell them when I have the opportunity to draw those responsible.

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