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Real Money Word Search Skillz is a popular word search competition on the Skillz network for iOS and Android platforms. Being on the Skillz network allows you to compete with other players for free and win real money. You and other players bet your money, and whoever wins the game gets the prize.

The main way to buy cash games is by depositing your own money, but you can also use promo codes. The promo code is non-withdrawable, but gives you free bonus cash that you can use to participate in cash games and withdraw all winnings in cash tournaments.

Read our list of promo codes, how to find more and how to use them on Real Money Word Search Skillz!

To get to the point where you can use your code, you have to do one of two things. Go through the tutorial until you can tap where you want, or if you’ve already played a Skillz game and registered an account, you can log in using your other game’s username and password.

Once either of these are done, you will be taken to the store tab, where you will find a button where you can enter your promo code. Press the button, enter the code and get your reward.

Promo codes work slightly differently in this game compared to other games. Each player has their own personal promo code. To find out what the promo code is, go to the Invite tab and share your game with others. Copy the URL from the generated autotext and find the 5 alphanumeric code. This is your personal promo code that you give to other players so they can use it, not to be confused with a code you can use.

Players will receive $10 in free bonus cash each time they use their personal promo code. Likewise, whenever you use someone else’s promo code, you’ll also earn $10 bonus cash.

Here are some great places to find more promo codes. First, take a look at the comments section of this article. Because readers tend to populate the comment section with their own code. Similarly, you can delete a code to allow other players to use it.

Check out the game’s official Facebook page and find literally every post made by the official account. Go to the comment section of one of these posts and use the promo code there.

YouTube and Twitch are also great sources of bonus codes. All you have to do is find a video where the code is shared. This video should be almost any video made for this game. Then use the bonus cash code.

Here is a promo code you can use to get your $10 free bonus cash.


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Go through all possible sources to find more code. Also find ways to maximize your bonus cash by sharing your code with other players!

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