Read special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Trump and Russia

After almost two years, the special lawyer Robert Mueller's investigation into the Trump and Russia campaign ended and a redacted version of the report was published.

Last month, after the conclusion of the investigation, Attorney General William Barr published a summary of the report, but lawmakers have pushed for the full version to be published. Although the almost 400-page report is already available, it is drafted, setting another possible battle over whether the hidden details inside could be damaging to the president from a political point of view.

While the special lawyer's investigation resulted in the indictment of former Trump advisers such as Paul Manafort, the president quickly seized the summary of Barr's report as evidence of "no collusion" between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Mueller's team also accused several Russian citizens during the investigation, accusing them, and the country, of interfering in the 2016 presidential elections. At a press conference before publishing the report, Barr echoed the line of the White House and repeatedly said that the Russian agents "did not count on the cooperation of President Trump or the Trump campaign."

But Barr also revealed that the special lawyer's office had found 10 "episodes" of possible obstruction of justice by the president. He said the White House did not enforce executive privilege on the report.

Legislators and others can now reject the specific wording in the report, questioning whether more could be revealed. Barr said that a version with fewer wording will also be shared with legislators.

You can read the report here and below.

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