Razer just made the king of gaming mice wireless, and it's incredible

  Razer Viper Ultimate

The Razer Viper is the best gaming mouse to be released this year. Not only did it replace (finally) my old and much-loved DeathAdder Elite, during my review, it was essentially impossible to find a defect. Razer's approach to doing so was so carefully thought out that it is the closest thing to the perfect gaming mouse that you will get right now.

There is only one thing you can possibly criticize him for; It is a wired mouse. But what if Razer made an even more impressive version of the Viper, but without the cable.

That is now a reality, and is for sale as of today. This is the Razer Viper Ultimate, and once again, Razer is changing the conversation about what a gaming mouse can be. And it has already been tested in one of the biggest CS: GO tournaments of the year, so you know it's good.

Doing the best even better

  Razer Viper Ultimate

Topping the Viper It was never an easy task even for Razer, and although it is far from being replaced or suddenly the hierarchical order is demolished , the Viper Ultimate is perhaps true to its name. Maybe this is the ultimate gaming mouse?

The shape and construction of the Viper Ultimate are the same as those of the normal model, which means that it is ambidextrous, reasonably low profile and extremely light. It is a total of 5 g heavier than the Viper at 74 g, but honestly, it barely shows. I have never held a wireless gaming mouse that feels this light in my hand. The outstanding Viper regular optical switches also return with a durability of 70 million clicks.

I have never held a wireless gaming mouse that feels this light.

The feature set is also almost the same. Nothing is removed, only things are added, which means that, like the normal Viper, the DPI switch is on the bottom and there is on-board storage for up to five profiles, perfect for the professional player traveling.

Being wireless, of course, you need to charge the mouse, and this is done with the included base, which thanks to its Chroma lighting will keep you informed about the battery charge, or you can simply connect the USB cable directly to the mouse

But then we come to what's underneath and what makes this wireless gaming mouse so important.

Hyperspeed and Focus +

  Razer Viper Ultimate

We would all love to have no wires in our lives. A desktop for players is a messy place, with cables for keyboards, mice, sometimes multiple of each, monitors, even RGB mousepads and charging stations. But why don't we just buy a wireless mouse and eliminate some of that?

Wired performance of a wireless gaming mouse.

Whether sound, an Internet connection or games, cables are always the best. . Whether performance or quality, there is no real substitute for simply pushing data through a cable. But with Viper Ultimate and Hyperspeed, Razer has come even closer to the performance of a wired mouse.

Hyperspeed is 25% fasting than other wireless technologies used in gaming mice and, similar to Lancehead, automatically switches to the best frequency channels to keep the delay at bay.

Click latency is as low as 2-3 ms in a clean environment (read, free of numerous wireless connections), or 3-5 ms if surrounded by other signals The polling speed of 1000Hz and the speeds of Data transmission of <195 usec are above the nearest competitor, Logitech & # 39; s Lightspeed. Razer says the Viper Ultimate has the highest stable rate of any wireless gaming mouse.

  Razer Viper Ultimate

Hyperspeed is also designed for energy efficiency and, as a result, longer battery life. The Viper Ultimate claims up to 70 hours of use between charges.

The Viper Ultimate is packed with smart features.

The Viper Ultimate sensor has also received an update. It's a new piece of hardware that Razer calls Focus +, and the days of DPI and tracking speed are the only metrics for success. That does not mean that DPI is not yet a thing. The Viper Ultimate sensor has 20,000 DPI, higher than any other Razer gaming mouse. But what Focus + does is the important thing.

For starters, it has the highest tracking speed and resolution accuracy so far. Smart features are perhaps the most interesting. Smart tracking is an interesting feature, especially for those who move with their mouse, which allows the Viper Ultimate to automatically calibrate on any surface on which you are using it. Another feature that no longer requires the installation of Synapse on each PC with which you use the mouse.

  Razer Viper Ultimate

You also get customizable landing and take-off distances to fit your own game style and movement timing sounds a bit like Freesync or G-Sync but for a mouse. Keeps the mouse and the PC in perfect synchronization, with the PC always receiving the last position of the mouse. It is not a metric that you can physically quantify, but as Razer says, it could be the difference between a shot in the head and fail completely.

I haven't spent much time with the Viper Ultimate, but the first impressions about the performance are very high. It looks a lot like the existing Viper, which is a great compliment anyway considering the lack of a cable. I'm eager to put it next to the current Viper to see how good it really is.

A really amazing gaming mouse

  Razer Viper Ultimate

At first glance, the Viper Ultimate is something really fantastic. Being in a position to have a wireless gaming mouse without problems compared to a wired one is a great place to be. In fact, at first impressions, the only thing that can be daunting is the price. At € 170 / $ 150, it is certainly not for the masses, but directly in the sights of the most competitive PC players.

For the right audience, the price is largely irrelevant considering the hardware inside the Viper Ultimate. And the included loading dock will also be compatible with future mice.

The Viper Ultimate is on sale since October 18 in Europe and North America.

Crazy performance

razer just made the king of gaming mice wireless and its incredible

Razer Viper Ultimate

The best gaming mouse has just been wireless

The Viper Ultimate takes the best gaming mouse on the market, cuts the cable and adds new and exciting technology to live up to its name.

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