Ragnarok M Eternal Love Walkthrough To Stone Sword Quest

 Ragnarok M Eternal Love Stone Sword Quest Ragnarok M Eternal Love Quest Exercise – Go to the south gate and look for a stone sword with a gilt near the wall. complete!

TL, DR, you need to find a sword to complete this quest. In the top right corner, you can find a narrow path to the dark monster area by zooming in on the mini map -> and touching near the south gate. From there you can get the inlaid sword with golden hilt and ruby. Tap the stone sword to complete the quest. Please check the picture above. That’s all. Since the quest is completed, the next quest will proceed.

This is a quest for beginners who are stuck and have trouble completing. The quest implies that you can find a sword near the wall at the south gate location. And most people ignore the narrow road behind the Smiley Assistant. It’s pretty tricky! When you lightly tap a sword, some dark monsters (level 15) appear and you must defeat them. Next is the quest.

If you are at a lower level, it is a good idea to first level the low-level monsters and level up to install EXP. Then use your attribute points to build your character before fighting the Dark Monster.

Also, if you do not know the location on the map, tap the mini-map and tap the world label in the lower left corner. Mini-Map -> Blue pointer indicates my location. Press Prontera South Gate -> Go. Basically, I start to travel from the south gate.

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